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Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

The Top Reasons Why Morzine has to be your Next Winter Destination

Most people in the world believe that summer is the greatest season for traveling the world when the sun is bright and the sea waters warm. Others believe winter is the best time of the year to plan a trip where you can enjoy the snow and have wonderful adventures with friends. If you belong to a group that loves snow, continue reading. 

There are many destinations around Europe that you can visit, but there is one that is making a difference. Morzine is the beating heart of France’s popular Portes du Soleil ski area. It’s a very traditional and charming town in the Alps that offers every guest a warm welcome. 

Morzine is a wonderful ski resort, which offers visitors incredible ski opportunities, as well as amazing apres-ski activities that they are going to enjoy a lot. 

Therefore, if you are wondering why this place is the right one for your vacation, we have listed below the top reasons Morzine is the place to visit this winter. 

1. Skiing and snowboarding opportunities

Morzine has many skiing and snowboarding opportunities. The magnificent slopes of Morzine have something special to offer skiers of all ages and abilities. Beginners will feel very safe in the Morzine, as there are plenty of beginner-friendly green and blue runs. There are 87 runs suitable for people at all levels of experience. Before visiting this amazing ski resort, you can look at Erna Low for ski passes to save money and enjoy many other benefits. 

2. It’s a family-friendly destination

Moreover, another factor that makes Les Morzine the ideal ski resort destination for families is that many childcare centers provide in-house and independent services. Also, there are many family-friendly activities, such as kid’s events run from the local library, night sledding, snowshoe treks, teenage discos, and horse-drawn and toboggan runs. There is a ski school for children ages 3 – 14 to learn how to hit the slopes. 

3. There are amazing bars and restaurants

Last but not least, in Morzine, you will be very satisfied with the apres ski opportunities. Firstly, there are many amazing bars and clubs where you can party all night and have some refreshing cocktails and really good restaurants where you can enjoy amazing food options. After spending the whole morning and afternoon hitting the slopes, you will probably need quality time during the evening hours to have fun with your friends or family.

Featured Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay