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Top 10 Dubai Desert Safari’s Best Entertainment Packages

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One of the finest ways to learn about Dubai culture is to go on a desert safari. This article will discuss the top 10 Dubai desert safari packages that you can choose to make your Dubai trip memorable. Here are our top picks for the most fantastic desert safaris in Dubai, including quad biking across sand dunes, camping beneath the stars, and morning hot air balloon rides. 

Starting with,

Dune Riders by Dream Explorer Dubai.

This tour’s group consists of daring travelers. When you arrive in the desert, you get a quick safety briefing before dipping and diving over sunburnt sand dunes, some of which are at a 90-degree angle. An hour of sandboarding adds to the excitement. 

Quad bike Safari by Red Dunes

Nothing can match the joy of riding your very own quad bike across the desert and sand dunes. The group is collected from the hotel and driven for 30 minutes to the desert quad bike location. This isn’t the most opulent or in-depth desert safari, but it’s perfect for anyone who wants to see local Arabic culture and have a little adventure quickly.

Arabian Night Tours: Desert Safari

Although bouncing over the steep sand dunes provides a fantastic adrenaline rush, the time spent at the post-drive camp stands out. This camp serves shawarma, a traditional Arabic dish of ground lamb, falafel, or chicken with veggies and fries served in a wrap, as an alternative to the usual all-you-can-eat buffet and barbecue. 

Morning desert safari by the Arabian Expedition.

A desert safari in the morning is spectacular if you go to bed early, and this one with Arabian Expedition is one of the greatest. Driving through Dubai’s undulating dunes while avoiding some terrifyingly steep slopes is entertaining. After you’ve recovered, try sand boarding, where a guide will show you how to fly down the slopes.

Flying Carpet Safari for two by Orient Tours

For parties of two, this romantic excursion is available upon request. The experience begins with a dune drive in one of their premium Jeeps, followed by a sand-boarding lesson on a fantastic chunk of sand. Finally, a well-earned private barbeque meal in a desert camp with performances is followed by a visit to a nearby camel farm. 

Morning Safari by Funtours

This family-friendly tour gets off to a positive start with a pleasant pickup. The guides are friendly, knowledgeable, and excellent drivers. A camel ride and a brief yet enjoyable session of sand boarding are scheduled after precisely 20 minutes of dune driving. This tour checks all the boxes and is perfect for anyone with limited time to visit Dubai’s desert.

An Evening Desert Safari by OceanAir Travels

In this full-day desert safari, you will see the best of the desert in a single day. Dune bashing is fun, but the real highlight is sand surfing. Before everyone piles back into the Land Cruiser and heads to the desert campsite, guides show you how to soar down the dunes.

Hummer Safari by Sand Trax.

The experience of doing a desert safari in a Hummer is unique and unlike anything you’ve ever done. This four-hour tour starts with a pickup from your accommodation in a massive white Hummer that will take you to the desert. The drivers are well organized and walk you through the program, which includes a thrilling dune drive, sunset photographs, a barbecue meal, belly dancing, a fantastic whirling dervish, shisha, and Arabic coffee that is so potent your spoon stands straight in it.

Overnight Desert Safari by Platinum Heritage.

The tour changes to an African-style safari once you arrive at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This is the pinnacle of luxury safaris, as shown by the hotel pickup in an open-top vintage Land Rover. In addition to providing an overview of regional customs and traditions, tour guides regale guests with tales of Dubai’s past as you depart the city and make your way to the desert. 

Desert Safari in the Evening by Atlanta Travels

Going on a safari in the late afternoon or evening is just as spectacular as exploring the desert at night. Once everyone has arrived at camp, there are live dance performances, henna tattoo chances, and pre-dinner appetizers. You will get couscous, salads, roasted lamb, grilled prawns, and chicken and apricot stews at the barbecue buffet. This kind of excursion makes visitors feel entirely taken care of.

By choosing these Desert Safari packages, you can have an adventurous ride across the desert dune while also exploring other things like Arabic culture and food. Some of these packages will also provide you with added entertainment, like camel rides, dance performances, and desert surfing.

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