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Top 5 Hearing Aids in 2022

Recent technological advancements have increased the sophistication, capability, and discreteness of hearing aids. Approximately 37.5 million Americans have hearing loss and could benefit from hearing aids. Restoration of hearing can improve a person’s overall well-being. As a result, they are more confident and happy in their daily lives. Choosing the right hearing aid is not an easy task. Finding the best product for you is easier when you work with a professional like the experts at HearCanada. Here are five of the top hearing aids for 2022.

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Hearing aids from Audicus come in five varieties. Invisible and behind-the-ear hearing aids in multiple colors are available with Audicus. A one-year warranty comes with each hearing aid and a 45-day trial. A third-party audiogram or Audicus’ online hearing test results can be submitted for a personalized recommendation. There is a tendency for Audicus hearing aids to be more expensive than other brands. Hearing aids cost between $998-$2,798. In addition to three lower-priced models, Audicus offers long-term hearing aid repair and cleaning services.


You can customize your hearing aids with Lively based on online hearing test results. The battery-powered and rechargeable versions of the model will be customized before delivery. 

This company stands out for its exceptional customer service. Lively will also give you three years of free tech support. In addition to the app, Lively has a great selection of accessories. 


Eargo has four levels of hearing aids for customers of all needs. With silicone tips, the devices are virtually invisible when worn. Portable chargers come with Ergo models, so you can charge on the go. Battery power will decline after 1000 charges. There are several options for customer support, including a 45-day free trial, a two-year warranty, and sample products. A smartphone app provides alerts, updates, and personalization. 


It is possible to purchase hearing aids for much less money by using Audien Hearing. There are a variety of models available for under $300. The Audien company offers excellent service on their simple yet effective devices that are ideal for those on a tight budget. The Atom or EV3 earbuds are better choices if you want to avoid the uncomfortable and bulky EV1 earbuds that are relatively inexpensive. Their wireless recharging feature makes them convenient to use and can last up to four days on a single charge.

MD Hearing

For adults with moderate hearing loss, MDHearingAid offers simple behind-the-ear hearing aids. Factory-set sound profiles make these devices easy to use. In addition to the primary Air model, three models are smartphone-enabled for between $400 and $1200. There is no smartphone feature in the rechargeable Volt+ model that costs $600.

The company provides online hearing screenings. An audiologist reviews hearing tests in-house to determine the right product for you. A 90-day warranty covers your hearing aids after ordering them. You have 45 days to return them after ordering.

We hope that you find this list of top hearing aids in 2022 useful in finding a hearing aid. Hearing aids can assist you in reconnecting with your loved ones and friends if you suffer from hearing loss. In addition to helping people regain their hearing, hearing aids can also help them live a more fulfilling life. 

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