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Top 5 Job-Oriented Professional Courses in Australia

Australia is known to be one of the top destinations in the world when it comes to overseas education. Thousands of students apply at Australian universities every year from every corner of the world. Education in Australia is highly in demand due to the world-class education system, multi-cultural environment, top-ranked universities, post-study work options, and more. In Australia, you also get an opportunity to study and work with the help of 485 Skilled Graduate Temporary Visas. This allows you to stay in the country for 18 months and get post-graduation work experience. With a 402 Training and Research Visa, you would get an opportunity to upgrade your skills for 12 months via your employer’s sponsorship.

There are various programs that you can pursue in terms of professional qualifications. You can pursue it either through universities or private institutes, depending upon the type of program you opt for. Some institutes like the CPD Institute of Australia also offer various professional courses related to the cosmetic industry for nurses, doctors, dentists, and others. Here the education and training are led by the most experienced industry experts. Here we will explore a few of the options you can consider while applying for universities in Australia.

Civil Engineering

Australia is known to be the second-lowest human habitation continent after Antarctica. There is a lot of scope and exposure for the expansion as most of the population resides in the urban area. Australia is known to be sparsely populated; hence there is always a demand for good civil engineers. A similar case is with the architecture. Hence you can consider applying either for civil engineering or for architecture.


Accountancy courses
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Here comes another popular professional course which you can consider opting for without any hesitation. Accountants are always in high demand in Australia. Hence, there is a huge scope for accountancy, especially for professional accountancy and core accountancy which are also referred to as Tax and Management Accountants. Students who have recently finished with their Masters in Accounting can expect plenty of job opportunities in this field.

Data Analytics and IT

IT is always in demand no matter which country you are in. IT and Software Engineering courses are in great demand in Australia. Data Analytics is the fastest developing field in IT, and hence many colleges in Australia have started offering professional courses related to this. Apart from Data Analytics, many institutes offer business analytics as well. Post completion of the course, students can expect high-paying jobs in this industry.


The Healthcare sector will always be in trend, and there will always be a demand for well-trained healthcare professionals. You can check various Australian universities that offer professional courses related to healthcare. You would get various program options to choose from, such as nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. After completing these programs, one can expect high-paying job options in Australia since the healthcare sector is in high demand.

Agro Sciences

Australia also holds a huge scope for Agricultural studies as it has got untapped land, forests, and natural resources. Hence Agricultural scientists, Agricultural consultants, Agronomics, and forest consultants are always in great demand in Australia. Cereals are known to be the prime producers in Australia. Agricultural jobs are classified under the skilled occupation category. Hence, after successfully completing the program and gaining a bit of experience, you can immigrate from another country to Australia and start working here. In such cases, if you are holding an Australian university degree, then it would be an added advantage for you.

Apart from these core fields, you can also explore Actuarial science, which is related to finance, investment and insurance. If you are a finance student and wish to make a career in it, picking Actuarial science would be a great option for you as there is a huge demand for finance professionals in Australia. If you are considering opting for specializations in economics, statistics, and mathematics, then there are many job opportunities in Australia. No matter which field you choose, if you have the right education from the right university, then you would get endless opportunities in Australia.

Featured Image by Martin Str from Pixabay