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Tricks to Help You Pursue Health Goals

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Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution that involved some type of health goal? If so, you are like millions of other individuals across the country who strive to become better versions of themselves every year. The thing about these kinds of resolutions and health goals in general? They are very hard to maintain. That is why gym memberships often skyrocket at the beginning of the year and then return to normal a few months later. Life can get in the way, of course, but staying on the path toward your goals is also a huge challenge.

Finding ways to motivate yourself during your health journey is the key to overcoming obstacles. Those obstacles could be external, and out of your control, so the idea is to get back on track if your routines get interrupted. Maybe you are not seeing the results you desire quickly enough, and that causes you to consider giving up.

You need to come up with some tricks to stay motivated. While everyone has a different personality and will be motivated by different things, here are a couple of tricks that could help you pursue health goals.

Create Milestones to Celebrate

Rewarding yourself for progress can be one of the greatest motivators. It doesn’t have to be a massive milestone like running a 5k. It could be something small, like running for ten minutes without stopping. Each time you reach one of your milestones, reward yourself with something you enjoy. Maybe it is buying an item of clothing you have wanted or cooking one of your favorite meals. The reward could be as small as having a glass of wine in the evening. Whatever activities or treats you enjoy, give yourself incentives to chase when you reach large and small milestones. 

Invest Money into the Goal

Sometimes having a financial stake in an activity can motivate you to do it. Let’s stick with the example of running a 5k. If that is your goal, the first step may be to go on a short run. Then you have to go on another, and then another until you eventually build up to that distance. Sometimes that first run is the most difficult to complete. But what if you invested in some gear that is specifically for running? Maybe you could buy a knee sleeve to change your running game, and this purchase will motivate you to make use of that product. Since you have spent money on pursuing this particular goal, your brain decides it would be a waste of money not to go for some runs with that gear. This trick could convince you to keep pushing toward your health goal, no matter what it is. 

Change Your Morning Routine

How you start your day can dictate how the rest of it will go. If you are lethargic and slow-moving in the morning, it can take a while for you to get the energy needed to pursue your health goals throughout the day. Mornings are an opportunity to grab hold of the day, and sometimes it takes one small step in the right direction to knock over that first domino. Maybe you can prepare a fruit smoothie to eat a healthier breakfast. You could take an antioxidant supplement with additional nutrients and a balanced breakfast to support total body health. If you are an early bird, wake up a little earlier than normal and go for a short walk during the sunrise or in the predawn light. These small steps can shift your mindset into focusing on health for the rest of the day, helping you get closer to achieving your goals. 

Wake up early
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Involve a buddy

You might need some external motivation to continue progressing toward your goals. This is the perfect reason to have a buddy pursuing similar wellness milestones. Together, you can motivate and encourage each other toward success. Maybe you want to improve your mental health and have started journaling to reflect on the day. If you can find another person doing the same, you can keep each other accountable and discuss your entries together if there is enough trust in the relationship. Find a partner that will build you up rather than tear you down and receive that much-needed external motivation. 

Life Can Get in the Way, so Have a Backup Plan

A million things can interrupt your plans when you strive to be healthier. A routine could get thrown out because of a change to your schedule, or your favorite gym could close. You never know what can happen that will disrupt your progress and make it hard to continue. Having a backup plan to stay motivated will be key to pushing through these challenges. The tricks listed above can provide encouragement when you need it. Give yourself grace and have a motivation plan to continue on your journey toward those health goals. 

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