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Why Must Businesses Service Their Oil-Free Air Compressor to Prevent Air Leaks?

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Investing in an oil-free air compressor is expensive, and the cost increases depending on the size of your production facility and demands. Since your businesses may be using the machine frequently, you might ignore the importance of preventive maintenance, which keeps the machine operational.

A survey shows 57% of businesses do nothing to improve the efficiency of their compressed air system, which includes not repairing leaks for more than two years. 75% of air compressors are also installed by operators with no formal training in compressed air system efficiency.

You must not run your business into overwhelming expenses, downtime, disruption, etc., since quiet air compressor maintenance promises long-lasting functionality. Below are the reasons why your business must service their oil-free air compressors to prevent air leaks:

1. Preventive Maintenance Sustains Machine Life

When you invest in oil-free compressed air preventive maintenance, you eliminate the problems of problematic operations and shortened life expectancy.

  • No frequent repairs. Preventive maintenance means no frequent repairs. You do not become tied to replacing expensive components that age faster or crash due to poor management.
  • Install new efficient models. As compressed air technology continues to evolve, your business can replace worn components with new models to run the machine efficiently. You can fit in additional functions to leverage the manufacturer’s estimation of your air compressor life expectancy before investing in a replacement.

2. Reduce Downtime

Quiet compressed air preventive maintenance reduces the risk of downtime.

  • Manage schedule maintenance. You might think that planned maintenance is similar to downtime, but that is untrue. Unplanned downtime can delay productivity, increasing loss.
  • Spend less time on repairs. Unlike unplanned air compressor breakdown, planned and preventive compressed air maintenance does not take long for repairs. A complete component replacement can be performed when the machine is not in use. In this case, you experience convenient repair times.
  • Prevent sudden breakdown. A sudden breakdown can run the company into losses as you would be struggling to resume operations. Suppose you have a replacement. It still does not stop the fact that production will suffer delays.

3. Machine Maintenance Saves Cost

If the sole aim of your business is to maximize profit, then you must be prepared to minimize costs. It starts by ensuring a maintenance culture that manages costs properly.

  • Invest the money elsewhere. Instead of spending the money on repairs, which add up pretty fast, you invest it in other facets of the business.
  • Save yearly. Reliable reports have it that a single 3mm hole can cost you nearly £700 yearly. You can bank on your oil-free air compressor to eliminate this unnecessary cost.

As a responsible business owner or manager, you should ensure that the organization does not run into losses. Employ a preventive culture today to prevent reactive repairs, which can be expensive.

4. Gain Control Over Maintenance

You can gain better control over your business by scheduling maintenance with a reliable service provider. An expert determines when to service your compressed air, reducing operational interruptions.

When you control the repairs, you can identify damages early enough to cut off downtime or what could result in spending heavily on replacements or reactive maintenance.

Managing your oil-free air compressor repair culture gives you additional business insight. You can estimate true costs and know the amount you would be investing in a reliable maintenance provider. In contrast, unplanned repairs occur without notice and are not measurable.

5. Meet Workplace Safety Compliance Standards

Sudden equipment failure is risky and can compromise workplace safety. Moreover, a breakdown in one part of the machine can extend gradually to other parts to cause an increased expense budget. Your noiseless compressed air does not have to crash fully to be unsafe for the workplace.

With professional air compressor maintenance, machine safety is in check, and professionals can detect overburdened systems. For example, ventilation problems can be sorted earlier to avoid fire hazard that exposes employees to injuries.

How You Can Maintain Your Oil-Free Air Compressor

  • Regular inspection. You can maintain your air compressor by running a complete and thorough physical inspection regularly. Depending on the usage frequency, the inspection can be done once or week with a focus on dirty filters, loose fasteners, and oil leaks.
  • Keep parts clean. Ensure that the air compressor parts remain clean by scheduling a cleaning period. You want to be mindful of the chemicals you use to clean the machine to avoid degrading the machine life. Ensure to clean your cooler for adequate ventilation. Clean the intake vents and heat exchanger often to keep the noiseless air compressor from breaking down.
  • Listen for strange sounds. During inspections, you want to listen for abnormal sounds in the compressor. Do not overlook the least unusual sound, and if you can’t tell where the sound is coming from or what the cause could be, inform a professional to diagnose it. Also, do not unbolt the machine to inspect unusual noise if you have no expert knowledge.

Change the problematic parts. Your oil-free compressor can perform better if you make it a culture to replace parts often. Do not overlook the broken components, be preventive rather than reactive because one malfunctioning component can break down several other components, meaning additional costs.

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