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Workout Plan for Beginners Men at Home

Talking about the best physique requires proper strength training under professional guidance. Whether you are looking forward to transforming your body and kickstarting your training, it is important to know the training volume. i.e., the type of reps, weight, and sets for stimulating the new muscle growth while progressing with a workout plan. 

Generally, many beginners are categorized as lifting weights for less than a year, intermediate for about a year, and advanced people following gym workouts for approx two years. Know that these advanced workouts will not work for you unless you have good training experience.

Here we will talk about the workout plan customized for beginner men and can be practiced a home:

Undoubtedly the exercises can be practiced at home with the help of your body weight and simple pieces of gym equipment like kettlebells, rods, dumbbells, etc. You can grow fitter and stronger by increasing the sets or reps or speeding up the exercise tempo. You can speed up the workout progress and its effectiveness. To have your gym at home, you can order gym equipment online to start your sessions from the comfort of your home.

A gym membership is not a guaranteed card to stay fit. Following this workout plan, you can take your first step towards fitness. For this plan to be effective, you must be consistent with your daily routine.

Press Up:


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Get into the press-up position, place your hands shoulder-width apart, and make your back flat, making a straight line from head to heels through your glutes. Now lower your body to an inch above the ground and then drive up by extending your arms. That’s a single rep.

It moves your muscle group and strengthens your shoulder joints. Three sets of 15 reps are usually recommended for beginners. If you’re having a little trouble, try taking a beginner pre workout to get you a little more energy going into the exercises.

Bicep Curl:

Stand with dumbbells in your hands and keep your upper side of the arms stationary, now curl the hand weights until they reach shoulder level. Try focusing on keeping the elbows still and allowing just your lower arm to move. You will need to squeeze the bicep at the top for the contraction and then lower down slowly, and then repeat.


Grab your rope in both hands by the ends. Now use your wrists for flicking it around your body. It would help if you jumped to clear the rope as it reaches out to the ground every time. Once you master the simple one, it can be made intense by trying to double under, i.e., allowing the rope to pass the runs twice for a jump.

This is one of the most efficient cardio exercises. Performing it for 10 minutes a day is compared to 30 minutes of running on a treadmill or jogging. Including it regularly in the workout plan for 5 to 10 minutes can give effective results to beginners.


Plank exercise
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Get into the press-up position and rest on your forearms instead of your arms. Allow your back to be straight and stress your glutes and abs. Now hold without the hips sagging. The plank is important to include in the daily regime for beginners, as endless crunches can put pressure on the spin and, if practiced incorrectly, will make your abs distended and weird. Planks are best for working on your core and, in a way, help you in being injury-free and in building six-pack abs. Beginners can start with two rounds of 30 seconds each and then extend it later.

Lower back Curl:

The exercise allows the user to lie down flat and have their arms at the sides. Now raise your chest slowly in an upward direction by keeping your arms down. Now raise your head for the movement, and once you have reached the point, lower yourself down. This is a type of back workout and is important for developing muscle groups. The curl works great on the whole of the back and can alleviate back pain too.


The above-stated five exercises are a must for men looking for a workout plan at home and improving health. Making a workout regime is very important for people looking for fitness techniques at home. As a beginner, you should not overdo the exercise but gradually increase once you master them or develop the strength to proceed forward. Try a daily workout session. Missing it will not provide you with effective results. If you’ve been working hard to get the strong, toned legs that you want and haven’t seen results yet, consider incorporating a kettlebell leg workout in your circuit or solo training sessions. They may be just what you need! We know it can be tough to find out where to start when identifying workout routines for specific muscle groups, which is why we put together this little guide. What are some of your favorite moves?

Featured Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels