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You Should Never Flush These 7 Things Down Your Toilet

A blocked toilet can be stressful since it can affect your life in many ways. However, the good news is that this problem is preventable. To keep your system functioning smoothly, there are certain things that you should not do. Here are the seven things that you should never flush down your toilet.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are flushable, but you should never flush them down your toilet. The material will cause clogs since it is thicker than normal toilet paper. Instead, wrap the wipes and throw them in a wastebasket where they will be disposed of properly. The other issue about baby wipes is that they do not disintegrate like toilet paper. As a result, the wipes move slowly down the pipes, which often leads to plumbing problems.

Tissue Paper

There is a difference between toilet paper and tissue paper in that tissues do not break down along the drain. Paper towels and tissues are sanitary items that are used for different purposes. The advantage of using tissue paper dissolving in water is that it does not clog the pipes. Toilet paper is soluble, and it dissolves in the drainage system, and this helps prevent the problem of blockage of your toilet. Other people use facial tissue papers and flush them in the toilet, but this is not good.

Newspapers and other different types of papers must not be used in the toilet as a substitute for toilet paper. Materials that are not specifically designed for use in the toilet can clog the drainage system. Be careful about the stuff that you flush in your toilet. Should you use tissues, not toilet paper, you may need to throw them in a wastebasket.

Cotton and Menstrual Products

Menstrual products that include cotton pads, cotton balls, and tampons are not safe to flush in the toilet since they lead to blockages. These products do not break down like toilet paper. Instead, they will clump together and cause problems in the pipes. The products absorb and do not break down, which makes them heavy when they expand. As a result, the material will not flow smoothly down the drainage pipes. This will affect your plumbing, and you may end up experiencing costly repairs.


Condoms are made of latex material that does not dissolve in water. Therefore, flushing them can cause clogs in your toilet and septic tank. After using a condom, wrap it in tissue paper and throw it in the bin. You must know that the toilet system is designed for an appropriate paper that dissolves in water. You should keep any other material at bay to protect your plumbing system, which can easily get clogged.

Dental Floss

Dental floss can clog your pipes if you flush it in the toilet. If flushed, floss turns into a net that traps other debris. As a result, water and waste material will fail to pass through the blocked area. Floss can also wrap around other components of the septic system. This can burn the motor when it is strained. Dental floss also causes environmental damage, so you must be mindful when you dispose of it.


Hair causes problems in your drainage since it forms a net the moment you flush it down the drain. This net will stick to the interior surfaces of the pipes, thereby trapping running waste. Hair poses more risk of clogging since it does not dissolve. When you suspect that your plumbing has been affected by the hair, you can try to fish it out using a hook or call a professional plumber.

Cooking Grease and Food

You must never flush grease in the toilet since it can clog the drainage pipes. Grease coagulates when it cools, and this makes it thicker. Grease does not dissolve in water, so it sticks to the interior of the pipes. The layer of fat particles can continue to grow inside your plumbing over time to the point that it can trap waste. As a result, your system will be blocked. Similarly, you should not flush undigested food into your toilet. Other food particles may not flow easily, which can lead to clogs.

Don't flush cardboard toilet roll
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If you want to keep your toilet system running smoothly, there are different things that you must never flush. Insoluble items do not flow easily, and they end up clogging the pipes. It is recommended that you use appropriate toilet paper in your lavatory. Although there are materials that you think can be flushed on it. Ideally, you should make sure you dispose of any material in the bin that is not toilet paper.

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