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The Secrets of Plumbers

A plumber might not cross your mind unless you encounter a problem with your toilet, but these mysterious drain whisperers have a lot of secrets. There are different types of plumbers that each perform specific functions advises Keyrenter Management Team. The type of problem you have will determine which kind you require.

If you are looking for commercial plumbers, Melbourne has some of the best, so it’s easy to find an expert for advice you can trust. But here are some secrets you may not know about them. It could help you build a good relationship with your regular or commercial plumber. 

Kitchen Restaurants Give Them Nightmares 

You may think that someone that is used to working with sewerage most days won’t be put off by very much. But they hate being called out to kitchens to clean the fat trap. It’s the worst smell that you can imagine and takes a lot of effort to clean.

Some plumbers confess to avoiding this job at all costs. If they do go through with it, they usually just throw away the clothes they were wearing at the end of the day. No amount of washing could ever save them.

Restaurant kitchen
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Drain Cleaners are Dangerous 

Plumbers work hard to unclog your pipes. If you use drain cleaners, this makes their job even more difficult and dangerous. Most over-the-counter supplies won’t work to solve the problem. Once the plumber starts working, the chemicals can slash up and injure them. Some drain cleaners are also very bad for the pipes and cause corrosion, so it’s best to avoid using them. Your plumber will thank you.

So Many People Try to Flush Their Phones

If you drop your phone in the toilet at home, you might think of reaching in and getting it. But if you drop it in a public toilet, perspectives change! The idea of all the germs on the phone makes people think twice before retrieving it, so they flush it away. It won’t go down, and it will clog the pipes, leaving it to plumbers to retrieve!

Call on Tuesday
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Call on a Tuesday 

If your problem isn’t very severe, then you should try to wait until Tuesday for incidents related to commercial plumbing Melbourne vendors should help you with.

Many people avoid calling over the weekend so they don’t need to pay extra charges. This means that a Monday is usually an extremely busy day. By Tuesday, the weekend jobs are complete, and most plumbers have a slow day.

Flushable Wipes Shouldn’t Be Flushed 

Even though it says they are flushable on the box, the flushable wipes are much thicker than toilet paper and don’t break up easily. They will clog your drain, so rather use good old-fashioned toilet paper.

The Germs Are Real

Feces are full of germs and bacteria. While working, plumbers get dirty water in their mouths, and this can make them very sick. One of the biggest risks is E. coli and hepatitis. They need to take vitamins and must go for health check-ups regularly.

Save Money When Buying A House 

To save yourself some money, have a plumber come and inspect the pipes before you buy the property. They can use cameras to look for problematic roots or other structural damage. Home inspectors usually miss these problems.

People Know Nothing About Pipes 

One of the things that surprise plumbers is how little people know about their own home’s plumbing. Very few people know how to shut their water off in an emergency.

Every homeowner should know how to turn off the main supply of water. It can take a plumber some time to get to your emergency. If you don’t turn off your water quickly, that can lead to a lot of water damage in a very small amount of time. Knowing the basics could save you money, so listen to the advice of plumbers about knowing your property.

Using a Drain Catcher can Save You Money

If you have long hair, chances are your hair will clog the drain at one time or another. This can lead to an expensive problem. Simply install a drain catcher so the hair gets caught instead of blocking your pipes.

It might not be nice to clean out, but it can save you a lot of money and is much better for your pipes.

You can Replace Your Own Washing Machine Hose

A plumber will charge you a call-out fee to replace the hose on your washing machine, but it’s so simple to do it yourself. Even if you don’t consider yourself a DIY expert, a simple guided video on YouTube will make you feel like a technical expert and save your wallet.

Buy a new hose at your local hardware store and surprise yourself with how handy you can be.

Bath Bombs are Bad for Your Pipes

They might make your bath magical and relaxing, but those fizzy little bombs contain elements that are not broken down very easily. Rose petals, glitter, and salt have no place in your pipes and will cause them to corrode.

Use safe bath products instead or if you just can’t stand not having your bath bomb, place it in a nylon bag before you use it. The bag will catch the debris.


Plumbers lead interesting lives and have to deal with human excrement daily. They know the tricks of the trade and deal with the mess, so you don’t have to. We normally take them for granted until we need them. Perhaps these facts give you some appreciation for them.

Featured Image by Anh Nhi Đỗ Lê from Pixabay