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10 Ideas on How Decorative Concrete Can Turn Your Outdoor Areas From Drab to Fab

If you have been looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, Compass, a leading property management expert says one of the best ways is to use decorative concrete. With so many styles available, there is something to suit anyone’s needs.

There are more than a few reasons to invest in decorative concrete. Here are a few different variations that can best fit the aesthetic that you have been looking for.

1.) Puzzle Piece

P decorative concrete designs out there mimic the look of puzzle pieces. Your patio, driveway, or any other paved area of your property can be turned into a unique, beautiful space with this decorative concrete design.

There is no rhyme or reason behind the piecing, but it all comes together to form an attractive surface. It looks so different from the classic concrete designs and will stand out nicely.

2.) Color’s and Textures

For stamped concrete patio ideas, the way to achieve a unique look is by blending a mixture of colors and textures. Complementary colors can be a great way to blend palettes and create a unique look.

Traditional neutral colors like greys and blues can feature a pop of color that makes the texture of the concrete pop out. 

Stamped Overlay
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3.) Stamped Overlay

A stamped concrete overlay floor can be a great alternative to pouring brand-new concrete—hence the name “overlay.” It is becoming a popular means of creating a new look and feel, all without enduring the demolition and pouring process.

An overlay can be a great way to achieve a brand-new look with unique colors or styles while saving serious bucks in the long run. 

4.) Wood Plank

The look of wood plank is very in right now. People utilize it for their indoor flooring, so why not take that same look and bring it outdoors? Concrete can be stamped to mimic the look of wood planking right down to the little nail holes.

With a bit of staining, you can create the optimal look that matches the interior with the exterior. Many designs can create the perfect patio space that mirrors a welcoming kitchen.

5.) Cobblestone Plus

Cobblestone is a classic look typical in older towns, especially older roads, sidewalks, and walkways. So, why not give the classic cobblestone a more updated, modern look? Mixing in different sizes of brick in the same color can mimic the look of old cobblestones with a bit of a twist.

Classic looks are that for a reason. It can make for a visually appealing, durable space in your yards when you can take a classic like cobblestone and update it to fit a more modern space.

6.) Squares

Of course, some prefer a more even, symmetrical look in their decorative concrete. Therefore, a square grid design can be a great way to go. Clean lines make everything come together in a nice, neat package.

Even better, the square design means that the color scheme can be whatever you have in mind. Whether you go with a single neutral color or implement a few pops of brightness here and there, it can speak to your preferred aesthetic easily. Squares are also stainable, which can give the space a unique look all its own.

7.) Gray Circular

Some of the best decorative concrete designs are the ones that don’t feel quite so organized. The grey circular pattern can be found throughout Europe, the irregularities and randomness providing a look of being hand-laid.

There is a certain charm and chaotic appeal to this kind of design. It can lend a hand-crafted look for a walkway or patio space.

8.) European Fan

Another European-inspired design, the fan makes it seem like the design is fanning across the surface. It is a classic, elegant look that brings an air of luxury, particularly within a patio space. 

There are many patterns to choose from, all in the fanned design, that can keep that classic European aesthetic. Give your property an old-world feel with a touch of modern class and design.

9.) Boulders and Stone

The look of natural stone is different. So, why not make your paved space look interesting and unique with a mixture of rounded and flat stones, creating a seemingly random but precise design?

With a mixture of shapes and sizes, a stamped concrete boulder and stone look can lend a naturalness to the look you choose. There is also nothing quite like a stone for smaller spaces like patios, making a splash in a relatively small area. The stone look will also hold up better long term, showing fewer signs of wear and tear than others.

10.) Flower Design

If there is one thing to love about stamped concrete designs, it is that the patterns can run the gamut. Whatever style personifies your true aesthetic, the flower pattern can meet that need.

Whether you like something rustic for your backyard patio or a bit ritzier for your walkway, the flower design can be a great way to achieve that aesthetic. It also makes for a simpler installation than something like the puzzle piece design. 

Choosing the Right Design

If you aren’t quite sure which decorative concrete is the best option for your needs, working with the pros can help. There are dozens of options to choose from, and your needs are specific to no one but you.

Decorative concrete options enhance the aesthetic of your property. It can create a beautiful, comfortable space to hang out or look at. See the difference that the right concrete can make on your property.