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10 Ways to Bring Your Hygiene to The Next Level

All-endearing cleanliness,

Virtue next to godliness,

Easiest, cheapest, needfull’st duty,

To the body health and beauty;

Who that’s human would refuse it,

When a little water does it?

~Charles and Mary Lamb

“You are stinking badly!” is a phrase we want to use so many times for so many people, but every time, courteousness prevents us from doing so. There is a whole lot of people out there, both men and women, who don’t care a dime about their oral, intimate, and overall personal hygiene. 

We don’t have any other option left to either gift them with hygiene products (hoping they will use them), or to keep mum and hold our breaths while we are with them. Sigh!

Hygiene is not only for the times when you are going to get intimate with someone; it is a critical trait to adopt for your health and longevity. Needless to say, if you maintain good hygiene and smell nice, you will be admired a lot more in your social circle. 

Cleanliness will prevent the development and spread of infectious diseases and, consequently, absenteeism at work. An additional benefit of a regular personal hygiene routine is that it enhances self-discipline in a person. 

“There has to be some kind of personal hygiene bar that a person needs to clear in order for a relationship to be successful.” ~ Mallory Ortberg

There are so many ways which you can include in your routine to have a high standard of hygiene. With all kinds of dangerous viruses being discovered, it is the need of the hour that everyone adopts proper sanitation. Our list includes cleanliness principles that will significantly help in improving your persona and maintaining your health.

1. Neat hands all the time

Washing hands
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Make it a point to keep your hands clean all the time. Your hands come in contact with all the good and the bad things. Every time you use the toilet, sneeze, handle garbage, touch an animal, or come back home, wash your hands properly. Especially, do it before and after you eat to avoid getting germs and viruses in your mouth. 

According to WHO, it is estimated that washing hands with soap and water can potentially reduce diarrhea-associated deaths by 50%. Also, a large percentage of foodborne diseases spread due to contaminated hands. Appropriately washing hands can significantly reduce foodborne illness and infections.

While washing hands, pay special attention to cleaning your nails. Trim them regularly to avoid residue build-up.

2. Exfoliate habitually

Notice the skin of a person who exfoliates regularly. Not only their skin looks cleaner, but it is also very soft, smooth, and supple. If you skip scrubbing before bathing, your skin develops layers of dead skin and dirt inside the pores. This leads to calluses, blackheads, and wrinkles over time. 

If you make dry brushing and scrubbing a habit, you will notice a drastic difference in your skin. It also aids lymphatic drainage, which is vital for detoxification.  

Our two favorite products for scrubbing are a natural bristle, a long-handled brush, and the St Ives apricot scrub for body scrubbing. Adding them to your pre-shower routine will get rid of cellulite, dead skin, and rough skin. 

3. Bathing regularly

 By regularly, we mean daily! I cannot stress enough on this. If you are short of time, you can opt for a hot or cold shower quickly in the morning. But don’t neglect thoroughly cleaning areas that are prone to sweating, such as your armpits, feet, and genitals.

On the other hand, bathing has its own benefits. The steam helps open pores and softens calluses, leaving your skin cleaner. You can occasionally add special oils and substances to have a relaxing experience and nourish your skin. For instance, adding apple cider vinegar in bath water maintains pH levels and reduces bacteria. 

Everyone knows, hair with dandruff looks so bad, it literally kills the person’s impression. Please stay away from it by washing your hair with a good antidandruff shampoo, like the Clear Men Antidandruff shampoo.

It’s essential to dry yourself properly after bathing. A study by NCBI found that a large number of people in the UK (almost 1.3% of the total population) get ear infections every year due to contaminated water remaining in the ear after swimming or bathing. 

4. Your shaving routine matters

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An essential part of personal hygiene, for men and women both, is body hair removal. Though facial and genital hair removal is a priority of both genders, women have to remove hair on their legs and arms as well. 

It would be best if you made a proper routine of shaving to remove your body hair, facial hair, and also your pubic hair. Always shave with a clean razor. The process of shaving is not to be rushed, as the resultant cuts will act as an entry point for bacteria. If you do it while bathing, it will be a lot easier as pores are open at that time. You can find reusable razors that are quality enough to use more than once if you’re trying to save some money.

5. Oral hygiene basics

Oral hygiene can’t simply be overlooked. Whatever you are wearing, no matter how charming you are, it doesn’t matter if you make someone gag when you open your mouth. Brush your teeth twice a day as your mother told you to do. Keep dental floss with you as regular use of it won’t let plaque make a permanent place in your oral cavity. 

A natural remedy is to hold a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth for a minute. It instantly kills bacteria that cause bad breath.

6. How clothing affects your hygiene

Your clothing is a deciding factor in your grooming. Some people focus on adhering to their personal style, overlooking the fact that their clothes should be loose and breathable as well. 

Very tight clothing restricts air, which results in sweat-related inconveniences such as odor, chaffing, and infections. Opt for natural fabrics as much as you can, and never wear a sweaty piece of clothing for long.

Also, wash your clothes and dry them in the sun to get rid of the disease-causing bacteria from them.

7. Get rid of worn-out undergarments

Discard those shabby, old undergarments that are full of holes. They are the prime culprit behind your itchy genitals and recurrent skin rashes. For women, matters become worse in the form of yeast infections if the briefs are not clean and comfortable. 

Get some new, moisture-wicking underwear like the Mypackage ones for men and stylish cotton underwear with a lace finish for women.  

8. The impact of deodorants on body odor

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Body odor is a problem both genders face, especially if they do a lot of physical work, or live in warmer areas. Sweat, when it comes in contact with bacteria, produces odor. You can effectively avoid it by using a good deodorant like the Speed Stick antiperspirant.

Fun fact: While women have more sweat glands than men, men’s sweat glands produce more sweat!

While it may sound weird, deodorants are not only to be used on armpits. It is equally beneficial for the bottom of your face, under the bust area (for women), and razor burns on the genital area.

9. Pocket-size sanitizer is your friend

While in a public place, you come in contact with multiple dirty surfaces such as chairs and tables, stair railings, toilets, and even elevator buttons. To be safe from such germs, keep hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes with you all the time. Use it, especially before eating out. Wipe the table, chairs, and any handles with wipes before you touch them.

10. Replace your hygiene products routinely

Often, we ignore how long we have been using our personal care products. Our towels, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and bath sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria and dead skin. It is advised to replace towels every two years and hairbrushes every three years. You should also not keep your bath sponge and your toothbrush for more than three months.

Final thoughts

Paying attention to your personal hygiene will shield you from illnesses and contribute to making you a better person. If the cleaning up routine ever sounds monotonous to you, try experimenting with different products or the same product in a different scent to make it enjoyable. 

Find methods that work for you, and never show irresponsibility towards your cleanliness regimen as it is the best investment you make in yourself.

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