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4 Scenarios That Warrant Calling a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Do you know when it makes sense to contact a criminal defense lawyer? 

If you’re under arrest, that’s one tell-tale sign that making such a call makes sense. Facing criminal charges is something no one wants to experience. If the case goes to trial, you could face incarceration, fines, reputational harm, job loss, and more undesirable outcomes. 

Trying to represent yourself in court is a scenario that only works on the big or small screen. And a judge can intervene and deny that right if they question your capacity to do so competently. Self-representation is like rolling dice, and that’s the wrong thing to do with so much at stake. 

You need a lawyer to help you through the process — particularly if you’re facing these four scenarios.

1. You’ve Been Charged With a Criminal Offense

After an arrest, one of the first things to do is retain a criminal defense lawyer. Don’t answer questions or agree to an interrogation without legal counsel. Exercise your Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent and ask to speak to an attorney.

Your lawyer will advise you during your dealings with the authorities. If your lawyer believes it’s in your best interests to speak with the police, they will be by your side to advise you.

“If you’re charged with a criminal offense and do too much talking before retaining a lawyer, you could make a difficult situation even more complicated,” according to the attorneys at SBBL Law. “It’s never in your best interests to speak to the police without a lawyer present. Your lawyer’s job will be even harder if you answer a lot of questions before retaining legal counsel.”

2. You’re the Subject of an Arrest Warrant

Another reason to call a criminal defense attorney is if there’s a warrant for your arrest. Sometimes, someone is arrested at home, in their car, or even at work. But if you’re wanted by the authorities and they can’t find you, they could ask a judge to issue a warrant for your arrest. While you could simply go to a police station and turn yourself in, a better option is to call a criminal defense lawyer if there’s a warrant for your arrest. Your legal representative will contact the police to negotiate the terms for you to turn yourself in.

3. You Know the Arrest Is Unwarranted

Yet another reason to contact a criminal defense attorney if you’re facing legal charges is if you know you have been unfairly or unjustly arrested. Mistakes happen, and it’s often the case that someone is released shortly after being arrested. 

Just because you’re placed in handcuffs, loaded into the back of a squad car, and taken to a police station doesn’t necessarily mean the process is warranted. The police are permitted to arrest people they believe have committed a crime, but the authorities must follow certain guidelines. For instance, law enforcement officials can’t arbitrarily arrest anyone. They must have reasonable grounds to do so. Your lawyer will look into the particulars to ensure that your rights weren’t violated before, during, or after your arrest by the police.

If you believe your rights have been violated, speak to a criminal defense attorney and share your concerns. That’s one reason to inform the police you want to retain an attorney.

4. You Need Someone to Represent You in Court

It’s a must to have a criminal defense attorney represent you in court or at the bargaining table. Instead of throwing caution to the wind and representing yourself in court, hire a lawyer. If life imitates art and you choose the self-representation route, the outcome could lead to an end result worthy of a horror film. With so much at stake, you need the expertise of a criminal defense lawyer.

While you’ll want to avoid scenarios that require hiring a criminal defense lawyer, sometimes the thing you least expect becomes reality. So, it pays to know why a lawyer can be a godsend.