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Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels

5 Fun Sensory Activities for Kids with Autism

Sensory activities can be beneficial to all kids as these activities help sharpen the mind. However, these activities become crucial in the case of kids suffering from Autism and anger issues.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder, more commonly known as Autism, is a mental condition commonly seen in children. He/she finds it difficult to communicate or even form relationships with fellow beings. As the world of autism spectrum disorders continues to shift, Poseidonia Healthcare, an Autism treatment Center works to keep parents and caregivers up to date.

Different children with Autism show different behaviors. Therefore, you must choose each sensory activity to target specific traits of an autistic kid. 

The benefits of these sensory activities include an increased sense of touch, smell, taste, and hearing for children with Autism. 

Now that you understand the importance of sensory activities for autistic children let’s look at five fun activities that you can consider for your child. 

Toy Freeze

This activity is not as evil as it sounds. It is a rather fun one! 

Take some time and insert your child’s toys in a large plastic box, fill it up with water and let them stay in the freezer. Through this activity, the child will become more alert while trying multiple ways to take out the toys from the ice. You could give them some safe sand tools that will allow them to dig the ice or maybe try something their way! 

The Taste Test

The best way for someone to really concentrate on a specific sense is by making them focus directly on them. 

For instance, try making your child take the taste test. Simply blindfold them and offer them various kinds of food. These can differ in texture and nature. However, also make sure that most of it is what the child likes to eat. Once they have tasted it, make them guess it, so they understand the taste and recognize it more easily. 

Fragrant Clay 

Photo by Julietta Watson on Unsplash

Almost all children are crazy about play-dough. So, why not give it a fun twist that helps them stimulate their sense? 

Simply divide their dough into 4-5 pieces. Add a little bit of scent to each separate piece. When you do this, the child understands different scents alongside having fun. They begin to recognize the scents and associate it from where it belongs. Try natural and strong scents like lemon, which would not go away easily!

The Coin Art 

Fun fact: Most of us have tried this activity in our childhood. Chances are, the children of today will find it just as interesting as we once did. 

Take different-sized coins and place them under a blank sheet of paper. Ask your child to rub their pencil or crayon over the coin to trace the photo of the coin on the paper. This can be an interesting way to enhance the hand-eye coordination skills of your child, and they would love the colorful coins they have drawn! 

The Captivating Bottle 

This is a simple activity that helps the child heighten his focusing skills. 

Take a normal plastic bottle and fill it up with water. Add a little bit of glitter, a few drops of bright food coloring, and some beads or buttons inside, and give it a good shake. The shake will slowly make the different items settle back in place again and attract the eye, making the child constantly focus. However, make sure that the bottle is tightly sealed to avoid any spilling mess! 

Final Word

Apart from these fun activities, it is also important to provide effective treatment to your child. ABA therapy is one of the best therapies for treating Autism. Additionally, focus on your kid’s nutrition and sleeping schedule.

The takeaway 

The sensory activities discussed in this article will stimulate their brain, improve social and interaction skills, allow better coordination, and calm their mind. This will keep them busy and focused, thus improving their senses! 

Good luck!

Featured Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels