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5 Scenic Drives in LA to Take by Private Car

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While Los Angeles is known as a booming city with neon-soaked signs and people with big dreams of becoming a star, many often forget the beauty of the natural scenery around the city. With dramatic cliffs, stunning beaches, and lush hills featuring vibrant pops of color from the wildflowers, there is much to appreciate if you are willing to look. To fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Los Angeles, we recommend taking a tour of one of these five scenic drives. However, rather than watching the road, we suggest hiring a car service Los Angeles local to be your guide, so you can ogle to your heart’s content without being a danger on the road. 

Pacific Coast Highway

This stretch of coastal cruising technically spans from Washington State to California, making the Pacific Coast Highway one of the most traveled road trips in the USA. While we don’t expect you to take a multi-state trip, we suggest the stretch from Manhattan Beach to Neptune’s Net for a charming day trip. Along the way, this road features delightful views of the vast blue ocean on one side and jaw-dropping cliffs on the other! You may even see some of the city’s most lavish mansions sitting atop the cliffs. 

Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is one of the world’s most recognized stretches of road because it is a favorite among moviemakers and is often featured in popular cinema. It is definitely a sight to behold, with picturesque views of the San Fernando Valley. We recommend having your private Los Angeles car service take you west to east for a more accessible stop at the Hollywood Bowl overlook!  

Paseo Del Mar to White Point Park

Nothing says stunning sunset like White Point Park! We recommend taking your loved one down Paseo Del Mar, past Kay Fiorentino Drive, and on to White Point Park for a charming date night. You can watch the sunset from the car or hop out at the parking lot with the other admirers. Many visitors choose to stroll down the beach, surf, set up picnics, or simply chill on the park benches to watch the sun say goodnight to the world. 

Wilshire Boulevard

While it doesn’t display the natural beauty of the above scenic drives, one cannot talk about sightseeing drives in Los Angeles without mentioning Wilshire Boulevard. This iconic drive is the fastest way to soak up as much of LA as possible, as you will pass many landmarks, must-sees, and simply incredible buildings along the way. For example, you will pass Wilshire Grand Center, through Miracle Mile, to Koreatown, and much more! 

Windsor Boulevard

Windsor Boulevard is another iconic street that those new to the Los Angeles area must see, as it has a crystal-clear view of the Hollywood sign. All you need to do is stop between 4th and 5th street to get the perfect picture-snapping spot. From there, this lazy drive is lined with tall palm trees that will make any watcher feel they are living the LA life! If you have children with you, a must-see is Disneyland.

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