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5 Things that Sabotage Your Weight Loss Journey

So, you are incredibly dedicated and all set to lose weight. You are trying to follow a diet regime, incorporate workouts as much as possible, and live an active lifestyle. You feel you are on the right track except for a few minor hurdles that actually do not let you move any closer to your goals.

You are not alone, as 70% of people who try to lose weight end up failing just because of a few glitches. To overcome this phase, you need to understand what is the issue. Here are a few common things that can sabotage your weight loss journey.

1. Workout Plateau:

You must be hitting the gym five times a week but not really making any progress with your weight loss. If you have hit a plateau, it is because you follow the same workout routine without challenging your body. If you do not push yourself to work out harder, your body gets used to the routine, and you will hit a weight loss plateau. People who are serious about losing weight should seek the help of Mobile Trainers. An expert knows your body’s exercise needs and changes your routine based on your fitness goals. Finding the best personal trainer to ensure you move towards your weight loss goal without further glitches is the smart way to become healthy.

2. Stress:

Mental health has a significant role in uplifting or spoiling your physical health. If you are stressed, you tend to eat more to cope with it, resulting in weight gain. Stressed people have sudden mood changes, acting as bumps in the weight loss journey. Stress also increases the level of cortisol hormones that increase your weight instead. Try looking into a medical weight loss clinic to help with your planning.  Learn how does semaglitude help you lose weight.

3. Cheat Meal:

Many of us allow ourselves a cheat meal once in a while to keep temptations in control. Once in a while should mean only one meal per week. If you tend to eat more than one cheat meal per week, you are not really making a much difference in your lifestyle. Controlling your urges is essential to get maximum benefits from the routine. Remember, the diet is 70% responsible for your weight loss.

4. Lack of Sleep:

If you exercise and eat right but do not sleep timely or at least eight hours a day, your entire effort will go down the drain. Sleep is as important as exercise for the body to function right. Lack of sleep increases stress, decreased metabolism, and weight gain.

5. Low Water Intake:

70% of your body is made out of the water, which means you constantly need water. Sometimes you can easily confuse thirst with hunger and end up overeating. When you feel hungry, first reach out for a glass of water to ensure you are hungry. Primary bodily functions happen with the help of water. That is why you should increase water intake for the body to function smoothly.

The Bottom Line:

Willpower plays a significant role in your weight loss journey. You may be doing many things right, but even if you mess up a bunch of other things, you may end up not really losing much. The weight loss journey is not an easy one for sure, but the results make it worth it. Hence, identify what is stopping your results and take action immediately to eliminate the hurdle. 

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