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5 Tips to Help Your Child Advance in English Writing

Writing can have knowledge-transforming effects because it lets people express their thinking in forms easier to reflect on, elaborate, and revise. Some people have been gifted to write beautifully and touch other people’s minds and hearts with their writings. As writing begins from a young age, children who have trouble with it need extra motivation and inspiration to advance, especially in a language as old as English.

There are many ways to help your child advance in English writing, and below, we’ll break down a few of them that we think will greatly help them advance.  

English courses

If your child requires English help, whether they’re 6 or 16, taking up courses in person or online can be a great way to advance in writing and speaking. It is a time-heavy and feedback-reliant language, which is one reason why many students struggle with it.

As students need to invest time in writing and reading, parents need to support them instead of letting them slip into a funk and fall behind on their studies. One of the positive sides of online English courses is that they’re conducted at home, so parents can also be kept in the loop.

Encourage reading

Good writers usually tend to be avid readers. One of the reasons for this is that the more they read, the more they’re exposed to new vocabulary and learn many new things. Encouraging your child to love reading is one of the first steps to help them be better at writing and being more inspired.

Reading is a great way of exposing kids to different ways of using words and various sentence structures that they can later use in their writing. Usually, children who have been read to at home come to school with early literacy skills. As we all remember our favorite books, we agree that stories have powerful language-learning opportunities, and we should often use them.

Suggest journaling

If you’re thinking of creative and cool ways to encourage your child to write more, keeping a journal is one of those cool ways. They can express their thoughts and ideas while also working on improving their writing skills. This is also a good way to deal with mental issues like anxiety, depression, and stress.

You can plan an outing to pick out a fun journal and suggest writing in it as often as possible, making it a daily routine. This will enhance their ability to put their thoughts into words, keeping their writing simple. Also, journaling is a great way to keep track of progress.

Games and interests for stimulating English writing

Encouraging your kid to learn English by playing games is not only fun but also motivational. Games like creative writing competitions, online puzzles, writing the first line of a story, etc., will encourage their writing skills, and it would be a great way to spend more time with them.

These games will help children remember synonyms and phrases and improve their memory power and vocabulary. Use technology to your advantage and maybe suggest creating a blog. Don’t forget to think about their interests and try to connect them to writing. Let them write about their favorite characters by creating their own stories.

Child writing
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News articles

Exposing them to different worldviews like reading news articles or listening to the radio can greatly help improve their English knowledge. This will allow them to build an informed perspective about issues and understand the importance of particular texts in certain contexts. Also, it helps them develop critical thinking skills as they’re encouraged to find the truth.

Encourage them to stay informed by reading, watching, or listening to reliable news only and monitor them to minimize the negative effects. Make sure you filter the news they read and listen to, so you can avoid experiencing stress, fear, and anxiety. If they’re not interested in doing so, you can discuss the news together and maybe inform them about interesting events at dinner or on the way to school.

Final thoughts

Don’t forget to encourage creativity since it’s one of the essential parts of English studies. Creativity means approaching things from a different viewpoint, and it helps kids write unique creatives, strong English responses, and analyze text. Just remember, don’t tell your child to do some things in a certain way or try to make them seem perfect since this will only discourage them.

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