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5 Tips When Choosing an Airless Paint Sprayer

When it comes to buying an airless paint sprayer, there are few things that should be considered if it is meant for long-term use. 

Buying a good airless machine is not an easy task. If you are not careful, you might end up buying a product that has little use for you. The product must serve your purpose, and we can help you to zero in on the right one for you.

An airless paint sprayer is indeed costly. But the cost is justified given the fact that the speed at which you can do the paint job is high. As a result, productivity gets a big boost. However, one has to really analyze plenty of things before deciding to buy the perfect airless paint sprayer. 

We have come up with five tips that will be immensely helpful for you to make the right choice. Let’s take a look below:

1) Make sure that the machine is right for the material

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When it comes to choosing an airless paint sprayer, one must make sure that the equipment is suitable for the material you are going to use. The same holds true in the case of paint of your choice as well. Airless sprayers are very essential in the painting industry. It will save you so much time and it will also make the even paint going onto the surface. Bob Robinson’s guide on *BestOfMachinery* on buying airless paint sprayers will prove useful. We can take the examples of roof coating facades painting here; as you can see, a small device is not going to offer much help. If you do not choose the right machine, you might overload the machine, which might damage it. Even worse, you would not be able to get the job done with the machine’s help. When you go for a machine that is not adequate for the task at hand, it will turn out to be counter-productive. You will end up wasting time and money in this case. It is also a great idea to use a paint booth for your new paint project. 

2) Check the technical sheet

If you wish to buy equipment that serves your purpose, then you must check the manufacturer’s technical sheet thoroughly before you buy it. You will come across information like material, guns, and tips on the sheet. You will also come to know about the maximum pressure of the compressor. These details are extremely important, which should not be overlooked. 

3) Check Processing Capacity

Well, the processing capacity of the machine is very important. The frequency you have chosen for the machine is crucial. Surface extension details are important too. 

When it comes to professional painters, they tend to use it on a regular basis. And in most cases, they use to paint areas that are large. Given that processing, the capacity becomes an important factor in the selection of the machine. When you opt for a machine with good processing capacity, you will ensure the machine’s longevity as the machine might not be running on max capacity at all times. This is how you make sure that you invested in the right product! When the machine is frequently used, you need to make sure that it can withstand regular use! Or in other words, you need a product that offers durability and quality at the same time.

At the same time, you need to note down the fact that you do not need a high capacity machine if you do not intend to use it regularly. In that case, a second machine would be more than enough to help you with the task at hand. Therefore, make sure that you buy sensibly!

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4) Be mindful of the maintenance cost

Yes, you need to consider the upkeep cost as well. Since you are planning to use it for years to come, the maintenance cost can pile up over a period of time. This holds true, especially in the case of an airless machine. Simple machines will help you to maintain the machine without much effort or money. Machines with complicated designs and sophisticated accessories can add to the repair cost later on. So it is better to go with a machine with a simple construction. On top of it, simple machines do not require you to have technical knowledge. And you do not have to worry about special tools either. 

5) Cost of the machine

When it comes to buying an airless machine, the cost is an important factor. It is always better to avoid an expensive machine if you do not need it. As you know it, the best airless paint sprayers are not cheap. You should not go after the cheapest machine either as you end up spending a lot of money on the repairs in the long run. 

A paint sprayer takes a lot less time to paint a room, a whole house inside or outside than using a paint roller.  Check out different YouTube videos and articles for tips and tricks on doing the best job for your project.