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6 Fun Ways to Teach Your Toddler New Skills

Kids are always learning. Whether at home or in the classroom, they always try to absorb as much information as possible. One way that kids learn is by watching you do things around the house. So if you want your toddler to be more independent, try teaching them new skills. In this article, we’ll go over eight fun ways that will help teach your toddler new skills. Let’s jump to the list.


If you have a toddler ready to start biking, this might be the best time for you to teach them to learn how to ride. It’s also important not to push your child too hard when it comes time for riding their bike around town or in the park. You can start by getting a balance bike for your toddler to help them get the hang of it. This bike is the best because it doesn’t have any pedals. It’s a great way to get kids ready for normal bikes with training wheels rather than trying to jump right in.

When choosing a bike, ensure that it is the right size for your toddler. You don’t want them to feel overwhelmed while riding, so make sure the bike isn’t too big or small. If you’re not confident in choosing a bike, take your child to the store with you and have them test out different bikes until they find one that’s comfortable.

Preparing a Simple Meal

For parents looking to teach their children how to make a meal, try preparing a simple dinner. You can start by asking your toddler if they want to help in the kitchen. Let them choose an ingredient and have fun with it! This is also a great way for kids to learn about food groups and what foods go into healthy meals.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got a few recipes that are perfect for kids: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Cheese Quesadillas, Chicken Nuggets with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce. All of these recipes are simple enough for toddlers to make on their own, with a little bit of help from you. This will prepare them for when you aren’t around to help them out in the kitchen.


Another fun way for kids to learn new skills is by learning how to swim. If your child enjoys being at water parks or swimming pools, consider signing up for lessons together. This will give your toddler a great opportunity to learn valuable life-saving skills.

When choosing where to go for swimming lessons, look around your area and ask friends if they know of any good places that offer classes. Alternatively, you can also try searching online by typing in ‘swimming lessons near me’ into the search bar on Google or Bing. You might be surprised at all of the results that come up. Ensure that you follow the safety tips before taking kids swimming to prevent accidents and other inconveniences. Lastly, ensure that you accompany your child to their swimming lessons and be there to support them.

Reading Out Loud

If your child enjoys being read to, then you might want to try reading out loud together. This is a great way for kids to learn new words and be exposed to different types of literature that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Reading out helps greatly with a child’s language development, so it’s something you should consider doing.

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When looking for books to read aloud, try to find interesting and engaging stories for your toddler. You can also ask them if they have any ideas for books that they would like to hear. It might take some time before your child becomes interested in books, but don’t give up. With a little bit of persistence, they’ll be hooked in no time. This is a fun way for you to teach your toddler so they are prepared for school.

Playing Board Games

Board games are important for teaching kids to follow the rules and win. Playing board games is a great way for siblings or parents to spend quality time together, too. Fortunately, several games are easy to learn and fun for toddlers.

When choosing which of the many different board games you want to play with your child, look around the house first! You might already have some that will work perfectly for this activity (or you could always check out your local thrift store). If you don’t have any board games lying around, try looking online or in stores. You can find some great deals if you look hard enough. Ensure to start with the simplest ones and work your way up as you and your child become more familiar with the rules.

Washing Dishes

Cleanliness is important, so it’s never too early to teach your child about it. You can do this by having them help you wash dishes. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn how to be responsible and take care of their belongings. You can start with the simples dishes, like the utensils or cups, and then work your way up to the pots and pans.

You must always supervise your child when they’re washing dishes, as they are at risk of slipping or getting hurt. Make sure that your child understands the importance of being careful. Show them how to properly hold a dish and use the correct amount of soap. If they make a mistake, don’t be too hard on them. Just show them what they did wrong and help them fix it. This will teach them how to learn from their mistakes.

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If you are someone who loves nature, you can train your kids to appreciate it, too. One simple way to do this is by planting a seedling together with them. This will teach your child about responsibility and the importance of caring for plants.

You can learn several things while planting a seedling with your toddler: how to sow seeds, spacing out plants correctly, understanding what soil needs to grow healthy plants, and how sunlight affects plant growth. You must always be there for your child when they’re planting a seedling. This process can take some time, so make sure you have enough patience.

Teaching your child new skills is important. It’s a great way to bond with them and spend quality time together as well! You can do so by reading out, playing board games, washing dishes, or planting seedlings. By using the above skills, you can teach your toddler new things in a fun way. Ensure that you carry out the processes correctly and patiently so that your child can learn effectively.

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