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7 Small Appliances I Can Replace with My Blendtec

I get a lot of offers to review various products. Honestly, I turn a lot of them down, and I accept the ones that I think would be genuinely useful or interesting to Life Your Way readers, even if I don’t plan to keep the review item.

But when I got an email from Blendtec about reviewing their newest machine, the Blendtec Designer 725, I’m pretty sure I squealed and did a happy dance. Because, seriously, a Blendtec! If you don’t believe me. Check out the updated review of Blendtec machines.

My oldest has been spending a ton of time in the kitchen lately, and she was as excited as I was about the prospect of this machine. I was at a doctor’s appointment with Jackson on the day it arrived, and I came out to this string of texts from her:

Blendtec Blender

This blender is really a blender on steroids and delivers commercial-quality power and speed at home. And it’s super easy to clean, which really makes all of the difference. Well done, Blendtec!

What I really love about this blender, though, is that it can replace so many other small appliances to make more room in our kitchen and make it easier for me to make a variety of staples and special treats. Here are just a few:

1. Blenders

Whether you have a regular blender, a smoothie maker, a milkshake machine, or an immersion blender, the Blendtec can replace all of them Do a better, faster job!

The first time we made smoothies in our five-sided WildSide+ jar, my oldest said, “Hey, it really can make a smoothie in 30 seconds!”

We’ve been blending frozen fruit and ice cubes ever since, and even though the jar doesn’t quite make enough smoothies for all 6 of us (we like big smoothies!), it’s no big deal to quickly blend a second batch.

Yep, you can blend soups, milkshakes, smoothies, and ice crushes quickly and completely with a single machine.

2. Ice Cream Maker

Making ice cream in a blender is a little bit different:

You can blend fruits and veggies for a creamy, healthy treat (I made this almond ice cream for my birthday treat!), but you can also make traditional ice cream by mixing the “cream”, freezing it in an ice cube tray, and then blending the frozen cubes!

Marillyn’s ebook, Just Making Ice Cream, has a ton of great recipes plus tips for making delicious ice cream every time using this method, and I’m excited to start working my way through her flavor combinations.

3. Coffee Grinder

I usually buy ground coffee because I don’t have a reliable coffee grinder, but I’m excited to try grinding my own in small, fresh batches now. I love the great flavors from Phoenix Community Coffee (I can taste the caramel as I type this!), and I might buy the whole beans next time!

Spinach Ice Cream in the Blendtec

4. Juicer

I haven’t really jumped into the juicing trend because we already spend a ton on produce each week and I just can’t imagine blending up $5 of fruit and veggies for a couple of glasses of juice and then throwing away all that pulp. (Caveat: I know plenty of people who love juicing, including my mom, but it’s just not something I’ve wanted to get into!)

However, the Blendtec makes whole juice by blending the produce and water into a thick juice instead, and that’s definitely something I’d like to explore more as a special treat. I’ll admit that I couldn’t get past the texture of the ginger-lemon-carrot juice I made, even if it did taste good, but we’ll try softer fruits and veggies next!

Brownie Batter in a Blendtec

5. Hand or Stand Mixer

I don’t have a hand mixer, and I probably won’t give up my stand mixer, but I could. I’ve already made waffles and brownie batter in the Blendtec, and I love how quick and easy it is.

6. Food Processor

The Blendtec can’t quite replace all of the features of my food processor (like the grating blade), but for dips and salsa, it works perfectly. We can’t get enough of this great salsa, and now I can make a full batch at once rather than having to do it a little bit at a time in the food processor.

You can also make mayonnaise and homemade “laraballs”.

7. Grain Mill

I’ve been using the fact that I don’t have a grain mill and don’t want to invest in one as my excuse for not trying my hand at grinding my own grain, but unfortunately, I’ll have to find a new excuse because, yep, the Blendtec can do that too!

8. Toaster


I’m just kidding; I just wanted to see if you were paying attention!

There are a few other appliances the Blendtec can’t replace — waffle irons, dehydrators, and crock pots, to name a few — but if you replace a few of the others, you’ll have more room for the rest!

What is the most-loved small appliance in your kitchen?