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Image by Sebastian Ganso from Pixabay

8 Innovative Ways to Use Your Window Vacuum Cleaner

Talking about portable, super-useful household gadgets and a window vacuum cleaner tops the list. Say goodbye to the hand-aching exercise to clean your windows of the streaks and say hello to this fantastic little device that lets you have squeaky clean, gleaming windows in no time at all.

However, if you thought the windows vacuum is just for cleaning windows, you’re in for a surprise. Here are some of the amazing uses of this wonder device:

Condensation on the Windows 

If you use your vacuum to clean the windows to get rid of the dirt and streaks, you’re utilizing it to its fullest. Window vacuums can also be used to suck up the condensation on the windows, especially during winters. 

So, no more using wads of kitchen towel to pat the window dry. Simply use a window vacuum for the purpose, and you’ll have dry clean windows in no time at all.

Bathroom Wardrobe Mirrors/Glass Cabinets 

Window Vacuum cleans mirrors
Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Greasy glass cabinets in the bathroom or the wardrobe mirrors are common problems in every household, so no more polishing it with your hand. You can swipe your window vacuum over it, and your job is done. The result is a shining mirror with no smears whatsoever.

Kitchen Counter Spills 

Whether it’s your over-enthusiastic kid who splashed the spaghetti sauce all over the kitchen counter, floor, or refrigerator or just the butterfingered you responsible for spilling the jug of water, a window vacuum cleaner comes to the rescue here too. Just power the wonder device on and use it over the area to slurp up all the liquid. You can use it on the surface of the refrigerator, kitchen counters, and even the floors.

Kitchen Appliances

This one little appliance can be used to clean multiple appliances at once. Use it over the oven, fridge, dishwashers, or any other flat surface. You have to use the right cleaning solution or detergent as per the surface to get the desired results.

Car Cleaning 

Cleaning car
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

For all the car lovers who love to have their cars sparkling, here’s some good news. You can use a window vacuum cleaner to clean, not just the windows but the body too. You have to ensure the blade is clean to avoid scratches. Once you’ve scrubbed your car seats, you can use a vacuum to suck up all the moisture and dry it quickly. Car cleaning couldn’t just get easier. 


For all the plant lovers, scrub your greenhouse and then run your window vacuum to dry it quickly. Your arms will thank you for the shortcut. A clean, shiny glasshouse so your plants can bathe in sunlight without drying out in the sun.


Tiled floor, laminate, or even bathroom tiles, a window vacuum will do a fine job of sucking up the puddles to leave them clean, sparkling, and stain-free. It might be useful even with water leaks while fixing up your dishwasher or defrosting your freezer. 

Garden Furniture 

A sparkling clean greenhouse will lose its charm if you don’t have shining garden furniture to match it. Garden furniture can often get damp and dirty lying outside. Why not give it a good scrub with your handy window vacuum? Use a good scrubber with a soapy solution to get rid of the grime and dirt. Once done, wipe it off with your window vacuum leaving it clean, dry, and streak-free within minutes. 

From kitchen countertops, bathroom floors to cars, a window vacuum is a versatile little device that can be put to many amazing uses in the house. Don’t get fooled by the name. A window vacuum cleaner’s utility goes far beyond just windows!

Featured Image by Sebastian Ganso from Pixabay