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8 Useful Tips to Get More Comments on Instagram

Instagram was a simple photo-sharing app when starting. However, it has now grown into a popular social networking website. People from all parts of the globe want to have a strong presence on this platform. Even brands want to be popular on Instagram. Some are even buying followers online. But, how do you know the best site to buy Instagram followers? Another challenge is identifying a legit service to purchase followers from. 

If such questions make you hesitant to buy followers, focusing on getting more comments is your best alternative. Getting Instagram comments enhances engagements. It also depicts an account, an organization, or a brand as an authority. When you get more comments, other users see you as a credible brand. Thus, they become interested in anything that you promote or post on this platform. 

However, many people don’t know how to promote their content so that they can get comments. This article highlights eight useful tips and hacks that will get your Instagram comments. When implemented properly, these tips will make your account popular and help you have one of the most popular in a relatively shorter time. 

1. Host Contests 

Most users want to have fun on this platform. Hosting an interesting contest is an effective way to generate more comments. Users can join the contest by dropping comments. A contest can last for a week or a weekend. It can even be a month-long contest. You can ask people to leave user-generated content that encourages more followers to drop comments by posting photos with your custom hashtags

2. Respond to Comment 

Instagram is more of an engagement since it’s a social network. It’s a platform where user interactions are expected and valued. More followers will consider you as a polite person if you respond to their comments. What’s more, your responses will provide opportunities for other followers to comment. Casual users will most likely drop your comments if they notice many comments from the other users. 

3. Reciprocate Engagements 

Reciprocate Engagements
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Reciprocating engagements can be time-consuming. However, it’s an awesome way to get increased comments. Take some time to check the accounts of users that may have interacted with you recently. Do the same to their posts. You can drop them some comments or likes. This will encourage them to continue interacting with the content that you publish. It can also mark the beginning of a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship. 

4. Ask for Comments 

Publish content that followers find desirable and interesting and then make a call to action by telling them to leave their comments. Also, tag family members and friends asking them to respond to something or answer a question. A humble aura will emerge if you ask your audience to comment on a post by your brand or even you. It makes the tagged people feel recognized and appreciated. This is a great thing for both the consumer and the producer. It can also open the door for easy and funny interactions. 

5. Use Instagram Stories 

Many people do not create Instagram Stories. That means using this feature can enable you to outshine your competitors. This platform gives Instagram Stories prominence. Thus, they appear above the other feeds. As such, using Instagram stories can help you remain at the top of your followers’ feeds. This gives you more attention, thereby increasing the chances of receiving more comments. What’s more, you’re likely to have the algorithms rank your posts on your followers’ feeds if they see your Stories more often. 

The Instagram algorithm also ranks Stories better. This is probably one of the most prominent feed algorithms. Therefore, take time to create Stories if you want to increase your comments on Instagram. 

6. Use the Right Hashtags 

Use the right hashtag
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Hashtags are at the center of Instagram activities. It’s rare to find an Instagram post without a hashtag. However, some people make amazing content for Instagram. Unfortunately, they fail to add popular or relevant hashtags. This makes their content fail to appear in the right searches. Posts that have a hashtag get 12% engagements and above. 

Most users leave comments organically whenever they notice a post that talks about a topic they are interested in. Your choice of hashtags should depend on your engagement’s generation strategy. Additionally, you can use several hashtags that are relevant to your content, brand, or industry. 

7. Time Your Posts 

Not every time of the day that the people you want to reach will be online and active on Instagram. As such, timing is crucial when it comes to Instagram comments generation. But, the ideal time to publish Instagram content varies depending on factors like your followers, industry, and content type. Therefore, test engagement rates to determine the most ideal publishing schedule for you. You can experiment by publishing content at different hours or times. 

Figure out which time is ideal for publishing content so that you can get optimal engagements. Essentially, choose a time when more individuals will be available to comment on your content. After figuring this out, choose a content calendar that enables you to keep track of your schedule and outcomes. 

Timing your posts
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8. Be Consistent 

People decide to follow you when interested in what you publish on Instagram. Therefore, make sure that they always get what attracts them to your account. Ideally, be consistent in your publishing. Posting more often increases the possibility of getting more comments. When people see more content from you, they will be interested in interacting with it. 

Frequent posting makes an account up-to-date, relevant, and attractive. Infrequent or rare posting can get your content drowned by more frequent users. Therefore, be consistent and frequent in your posting. This will ensure that what you post always appears more prominently on your follower’s Instagram feeds. 

The Bottom Line 

With more than a billion active monthly users, this platform is among the most popular social networking websites. But, the competition is quite stiff on this platform. That’s why capturing other users’ attention is not easy. However, these tips can help you get more people to comment on your posts if implemented properly.  

Featured Photo by Omkar Patyane from Pexels