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9 Fantastic Fencing Fixes for a Flawless British Patio

A patio is a part of a house made of concrete, where people can sit to unwind or chill. Your patio fencing is important when defining your space, adding privacy and making your patio look more beautiful.

Below are nine (9) fantastic fencing options for a flawless British patio.

Wooden Panel Fences

The wooden panel fencing is a traditional selection for many British gardens. It is multifunctional, has different designs, and is simple to personalize with paints. This type of fencing guarantees privacy and an authentic appearance, in perfect harmony with the garden’s plants.

Wooden panel fencing offers a neat and classic appeal for many British properties. However, they can be high maintenance and would require regular sealing to last a long time, particularly if they are exposed to the elements. 

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing merges the advantages of plastic and wood. While it looks like wood, it is far more robust and easy to maintain. Due to their resistance to decay, fading, and infestations, composite fences are excellent for long-term use. 

Furthermore, this type of fencing is moisture-resistant. This implies it is perfect for homes with pools, ponds and other water features. 

Trellis Fencing

Trellis fencing gives your patio a defined look. It is ideal for creating a lovely living wall with climbing plants like Clematis, Jasmine, passion flowers, etc. To provide height and attention, trellis panels can be used alone or together with solid fencing.

Trellis fencing not only improves the exterior of your home but also adds depth and intricacies to your property. Many homes in the UK today use garden screens to instill privacy in outdoor areas. 

Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing appears like trellis fencing but the lattice fencing weave is tighter. Air and light can go through but it provides a little bit of privacy. For a decorative touch to your patio that does not completely block the view, lattice fencing is perfect.

While wood lattice fencing appears to be the most popular, other varieties of this fencing option include metal, vinyl, and even spindle. It is also available in a wide variety of colors and designs. It is not usual to find many homeowners using it as a fence topper to add an extra layer of privacy and enhance the appearance of their fence. 

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a practical option for busy households because it requires little to no upkeep and is long-lasting. It is available in different styles, some of which mirror the appearance of wood. Vinyl fencing is a durable option for your patio because it is resistant to environmental damage.

Vinyl fencing is also popular for its low maintenance and eco-friendliness since you can simply recycle it whenever you do not need it. 

Metal Fencing

Aluminum or wrought iron fencing gives a clean and stylish appearance. It is beautiful and durable enough to be built with complex patterns. They are very strong and require little maintenance.

Metal fencing
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If you need a fencing option that blends security and ornamental value, then opt for metal railing. 

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing gives your patio a feeling of uniqueness. It is strong, environmentally friendly, and provides a peaceful natural environment. Bamboo offers design freedom since it can be used for rolled fencing or panels.

Known for its ease of installation, bamboo fencing is very affordable and is available in a wide array of colors and materials. You can purchase a dark brown or golden colored bamboo fence to add beauty and topical style to your outdoor area. 

Stone Walls

Stone walls can be an excellent option for an earthy appearance. They offer a strong native barrier that can mix in perfectly with a garden environment. Stone walls are incredibly strong and can be raised to any level to provide the appropriate amount of isolation.

Stone walls are becoming extremely popular due to their longevity. They are impervious to the effects of weathering and staining. 

Living Fences

Living fences offer green, organic barriers composed of densely spaced hedges or plants. They provide outstanding noise suppression and privacy. Living fences give your patio a vibrant, natural feel, but you need regular upkeep like watering and trimming.

If you need to incorporate greenery and add visual interest to your property, then a living fence is your best bet. 


You can design a perfect, elegant and useful British patio with the above amazing fencing solutions. With a well-designed fence that complements the beauty and seclusion of your patio, you can make the most of your outdoor space.