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Cafe Owners: How Should You Store Your Coffee Grounds?

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As a cafe owner, coffee is your top seller. Coffee drinkers are picky, especially when it comes to a fresh cup of coffee to start their day. So, it’s essential that you prepare, store, and serve your coffee beverages properly. 

Some cafe owners debate the topic of proper storage of coffee grounds. The majority of cafe owners think that it’s fine to store the grounds in the commercial freezer of your establishment, while others may debate the process of storage. 

So, which is the correct way? When it comes to storing coffee beans in your cafe, the goal is to keep them as fresh as possible until your next shipment arrives. Let us look at a general guideline on storing coffee grounds properly for maximum freshness and flavor.

Major Coffee Enemies

The first thing cafe owners should become familiar with are the elements that can ruin the quality of coffee grounds. The best method to keep coffee grounds fresh is by keeping them away from the following four significant enemies:

Air. When you leave any kind of food, such as a slice of bread, sitting on a kitchen counter or table, it naturally gets exposed to air and becomes stale. If you leave coffee grounds sitting next to a coffee maker, then oxidation occurs. Oxidation is the process of oxygen spreading that creates a loss of electrons in food. Oxidation makes coffee lose its taste. So, be sure not to leave coffee grounds sitting out in the open. 

Sunlight. Leaving coffee grounds exposed to direct sunlight also makes them go stale due to harmful UV rays.

Humidity. If coffee grounds become moist with water, then they get ruined right away. The only exposure coffee grounds should get from water is when being brewed. Along with moisture from water, cafe owners should refrain from storing coffee grounds in a room with high humidity. 

Heat. When roasting coffee beans, hot water should not exceed 25-30 degrees Celsius. When heating them, the hot water should ideally be less than 25 degrees Celsius. Using hot water that is over 30 degrees Celsius makes the coffee’s flavor diminish. 

Pick the Perfect Container

The best type of containers for storing coffee beans are airtight containers made out of ceramic or metal. Glass containers are acceptable; however, they need to be kept out of direct sunlight, or your coffee grounds will get stale. Keep in mind that the air in a half-empty airtight container can still damage the coffee grounds’ taste. To prevent this from happening, use containers that hold between 250 to 500 grams, and use the container that matches the volume of the coffee you want to store. 

Keep it Dark

The rule to remember when storing coffee grounds and coffee beans is to leave them in the dark. Once coffee grounds are exposed to regular light or sunlight, they lose their flavor.

If you do not want to worry about coffee grounds getting damaged by sunlight or you can’t store them in a completely dark place, then keep them in opaque, airtight containers. By storing coffee beans in opaque glass containers, cafe owners can leave them sitting on counters without worrying about deterioration from light rays or sunlight.  

Grind and Freeze

The majority of cafe owners have to store as much coffee as they can to serve their customers. The general rule of thumb is that you should never run out. So, is it possible to freeze ground coffee? Of course. To get into a system, grind the coffee beans on the weekend if you plan to use them next week. Place the ground coffee in airtight containers and store them in a freezer. The following business week, remove the coffee grounds you want to use and let them defrost overnight before brewing.

Buy Less Coffee

As a cafe owner, it might be tempting to buy coffee in bulk. However, buying too much coffee and storing it for months has disadvantages. For one, even if you freeze coffee in a commercial freezer, it loses its freshness and flavor within 1 to 2 weeks. Instead of buying coffee in bulk, it is a good idea to stock up daily by purchasing a small bag of coffee beans and storing it in airtight containers. 

Cafe owners need to store coffee in their establishment to ensure they have a steady flow of products to serve customers. However, since coffee is a non-negotiable staple that loses its freshness and flavor over time, it should be stored carefully and consumed in a timely manner. By following these guidelines on keeping coffee beans and coffee grounds properly, you can rest assured that you will continue to provide your customers with an enjoyable coffee experience!

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