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Choosing the Perfect Family Car: A Comprehensive Guide for UK Buyers

Whether you’re buying your first family car or looking to upsize the one you already have, it’s worth taking the time to consider the key factors before you make a decision on the model you want. This is because it’s a major investment, not just financially but also as part of your everyday life. 

You need a motor that will be able to handle everything from the school run and the annual staycation to the commute to the office twice a week. To make sure you’re buying a car that will stand the test of time – and the after-school clubs – read on. We’ve created a guide to help you choose wisely. 

Safety first

One of the first considerations is how safe the car is. Safety is high on the agenda anyway, but when you are driving with your little ones in the back, this becomes a vital point to look out for. 

Once you have a car in mind, check its Euro NCAP safety rating. This will help you to see at a glance if it meets the safety standards. 

Also, read up on the safety measures in place for the model you want. Is there tire pressure monitoring? Does the car have park assist? Are there any advanced safety features? Take the time to check and ask questions before you buy. 

Space and storage

Another key factor to consider is the space available. Fitting child seats in place is a major consideration, as is the need for storage compartments for items like headphones and snacks for the kids. 

Boot space is also important. You’ll need room for the essentials like the pram, the weekly food shop, and the bags that you’ll take away on holiday. 

It’s worth asking your car dealer about the dimensions so you can picture how your family life will work with the model you’re thinking of buying. 

Fuel efficiency

If you’re thinking of going for a used car, it’s worth checking its fuel consumption credentials. Again, ask the dealer to talk you through this detail, and if you’re comparing the model you have in mind with another motor, introduce fuel economy into the decision-making process. 

A fuel-efficient car, such as a plug-in hybrid SUV, can save you money as well as reduce harmful emissions. There’s an increasing emphasis on sustainability, so choosing a car with lower environmental impact can help to cut back on your carbon footprint. 

Technology and entertainment features

Modern family cars are kitted out with technologically advanced features. These are designed to enhance the driving experience for the whole family as well as offer practical solutions. 

For instance, in-car entertainment systems and connectivity options are ideal for longer journeys, while advanced driver assistance features can make long journeys more enjoyable and stress-free for the driver. Look for vehicles with user-friendly tech, smartphone integration, and rear-seat entertainment options to keep the whole family entertained.

Future considerations

What’s in store? That’s one more question to add to the list when buying a family car. Are you likely to have more children? If so, buying a car that will accommodate everyone in the coming years now could be a savvy move. 

Also, what’s in store in general? Major events like the upcoming petrol and diesel ban in 2035 could mean that you’re considering making the switch to electric now.  

Thinking ahead where possible means you’re likely to buy a car that will suit you for years to come. 

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