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101 Days of Christmas: DIY Dyed Play Silks

Play silks are a great open-ended toy for kids. They can become a fort, a baby blanket, a scarf, or a sari.

I’ve been wanting to dye play silks for the girls for a long time, and I’ve even had the silk and Kool-Aid just waiting to be used, but for some reason, I kept putting it off.

Thanks in part to this series, I finally pulled them out yesterday to try it, and truly, it was so simple and easy that I feel a little silly for waiting so long!

We dyed the silks yesterday, let them dry overnight, and then today, two of my little models helped me get a picture of them, asking the whole time, “Can we play with them now? Are we done? Can we play with them?!”



Soak scarves in a pot of warm water.

Bring water almost to a boil in a separate pot and mix in one packet of Kool-Aid. Transfer one silk scarf from the first pot to the pot with the Kool-Aid, stirring gently to dye the silk evenly.

The longer you leave the silk in the pot, the darker and more evenly it will be dyed, but I think I actually prefer the ones with some color variation!

Once you’re happy with the color, transfer the pot to the sink and rinse under cool water to remove the excess dye. Hang to dry.

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