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Easy sew felt ornaments {101 Days of Christmas}

Easy Sew Felt Ornaments

These felt button trees are one of our very favorite Christmas crafts; we’ve made them with each one of our preschoolers at least once because they’re so simple but so fun.

As our girls are getting older, though, I decided they needed a more advanced ornament craft to keep them busy. All four of them enjoy sewing projects, and these simple felt ornaments are perfect for kids with beginner and intermediate skills.

For younger children, I recommend using the large ornament template and a 1/8″ hole punch to pre-punch the holes, like the classic sewing cards. You could also use a light pencil or pen to mark the places were they should sew, but the needle can be difficult to get through the felt for little hands, and pre-punching makes it much easier so they can focus on the sewing and not forcing the needle through!

Easy Sew Felt Ornaments


  • felt
  • matching embroidery thread
  • large embroidery needle
  • printable template
  • pencil
  • sharp scissors


Cut out the template you want to use. Use pencil or chalk to lightly trace it on your felt at least twice (you’ll need two matching pieces for each ornament). Cut out the felt shapes inside the lines.

For younger children, use the hole punch to punch holes around the edge of the first piece. Lay it on top of the second and draw a dot inside each hole so that the holes will be aligned. Punch holes on the second piece. Put the pieces together and begin sewing at the top.

For older children, simply place the two pieces together and begin sewing at the top. If the needle gets stuck, try moving your needle over just a little; sometimes there are thick spots in the felt.

Continue sewing all the way around the edge. When you get to the top, tie the ends together to form a loop.

P.S. Make a whole bunch to hang on your wooden tabletop display tree!

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