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101 Days of Christmas: Easy Sew Soap Pockets


We always give the girls a new loofah in their stocking each Christmas, but I couldn’t resist making these soap pockets for this year instead (especially since our new puppy loves to find and destroy loofahs!). Although it’s too late for this year, these would also make a great addition to an Operation Christmas Child box.

Slip a bar of soap inside the pocket and keep it in that bathroom for an easy way to lather up in the bath or shower. It’s an easy sewing project (if I can do it, anyone can — I promise!), and they’re pretty cute too!

Easy Sew Soap Pockets


  • colorful washcloths
  • sewing machine or needle and thread
  • scissors


Cut off 2-3″ from the bottom of the washcloth. Then, cut the washcloth in half lengthwise. Cut off the side hem on each half so that three sides of each piece are unfinished. The fourth side should still have a finished edge.

Fold the soap pocket right sides together so that the inner hem is on the outside as you fold: First fold the top (finished) section of the washcloth down about 2-1/2″. Then fold the bottom section over it so that they overlap by an inch or so. Pin the layers in place and sew with your sewing machine or by hand. Once both sides are sewn, flip the pocket right side out so that the decorative edge is now on top.

Add a bar of soap and — voila! — you’re done!


Add a ribbon or string to one of the corners before you sew it so that the pockets can be hung up in the shower. Make sure that the loop itself is inside while you’re sewing the pocket so that it will be on the outside once you flip it right side out!

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