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Fill-in-the-blank thank you cards, printable ornament journal + more {101 Days of Christmas}

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101 Days of Christmas 2015

Each week this holiday season, I’m sharing seven of my very favorite 101 Days of Christmas projects from the archives.

Christmas is in just 4 days, so rather than give you a list of last-minute projects, I’m going to share a few that will help you in the days after Christmas.

May your Christmas week be filled with joy and peace!

Kids Fill-In-Christmas Thank You Cards

{98} Fill-in-the-Blank Thank You Cards

Sending thank you cards is an important part of our holiday celebration, and this fill-in-the-blank thank you cards are a huge help for emerging writers!

Click here for the free printable.

Individual Ornament Boxes {101 Days of Christmas at}

{99} Individual Ornament Boxes

Each year we give each of our kids a new ornament for their personal collection, and they love packing them up in individual boxes after Christmas each year so that they can unpack them and put them on the tree the following year.

Click here for more about how we organize ornaments.

Ornament Journal for Kids

{100} Ornament Journal

Tell the story behind each of the ornaments in your collection with this printable ornament journal, with space to draw a picture or tape a photo of each ornament as well as journal space to describe what makes each one special.

Click here for the free printable.

Read the Christmas Story

{101} Read the Christmas story.

And, of course, we can’t end the series without our annual reminder to set time aside this week to read the Christmas story as a family and remember why we’re celebrating Christmas at all!

Thank You Cards for Kids

Click here to read more.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!