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How Do You Know What Size Curling Iron to Use?

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From creating tight spirals to beach waves, a curling iron can be your go-to tool. Not all tools, including Amika’s beach wave crimper and curling irons, are made equal. The material they are made from, the barrel size, and many other crucial features can go a long way in ensuring you obtain the texture and shape of the beach waves you dream of. With that in mind, here are the pro tips for choosing the ideal curling iron size.

3/8 Inch

If you want to style short, thin, or medium-length hair, this barrel size should perfectly match you. Also, this size is ideal if you love bouncy, kinky, or spiral curls. It works perfectly on curly and thin tresses, introducing additional volume to your hair. It’s also ideal for styling hair fly-aways and crimping. Keep in mind that styling straight hair with this barrel requires more time.

3/4 Inch

A 3/4-inch barrel size is perfect for vintage curls. You can use it on thick or thin hair and recommended for individuals with shoulder-length hair. It’s the right size for creating corkscrew, vintage, polished or loose curls. This barrel size works perfectly on straight hair and naturally curly locks.

5/8 Inch

If you have medium, thin, or shoulder-length hair, a 5/8 barrel size is a perfect match for you. It’s popular with styling straight hair and helps add more volume. Additionally, it works perfectly on naturally curly tresses.

1/2 Inch

Recommended for individuals with short hair, a 1/2-inch barrel size works great with tight and ringlet curls. Longer tresses will not hold this type of curls for a long period. On the other hand, thick locks don’t blend smoothly with tight curls. As a result, this barrel size is perfect for creating a spiral, ringlet, or tight curls on bobbed short or thin hair. They add volume to the hair.

1 Inch

As the king of all curling irons, a 1-inch barrel size is ideal for all hair and curl types as well as length. It isn’t too large or too small, and apart from tight curls, it’s also appropriate for attaining glamorous full-bodied waves and messy beach waves.

2 Inches

Popularly known as the bumper, a 2 inches barrel size is ideal for longer hair. Whether defined, loose or beach waves, this curling iron accommodates all. It’ll also add some volume to your straight hair.

Final Thoughts

These hair styling tools are designed to allow you to achieve your dream hairdo. It’s important to apply appropriate heat protection to avoid breakage. Keep in mind that high temperature or heat damages your strands’ structural proteins.

And also, continued use may change your hair texture and elasticity. To avoid these problems, be sure to use the right heat protectant sprays and serums before. Also, techniques like following simple hairstyles and braiding can help keep your hair healthy.