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How to Choose the Best Beach Umbrella

You think about spending time at the beach with family and friends, but it is difficult to choose an umbrella for the day.

What you need are some pointers on how to choose the best beach umbrella that can protect your skin. Summer should be about fun and enjoying the ocean breeze.

Regardless, it is also important to protect yourself from the harmful UV radiation emitted by the sun. This means that your best bet is a UV beach umbrella.

A recent market survey discovered that 65% of beachgoers in the USA consider wind resistance to be the main factor when choosing a beach umbrella. This means that most of them do not understand the importance of skin protection, which should be their priority.

Here is a complete guide to making a wise decision when choosing the best beach umbrella.

  • Be mindful of UV protection. While beach umbrellas are designed to reduce wind resistance, their main goal is to protect you from the radiation emitted by the sun. For that reason, UV protection should be your number one consideration when you are looking for a good shade. 

When shopping for this commodity, check out umbrellas that have a higher Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating. The perfect ones are those that have a rating of 50 or higher. They block out about 98% of the toxic ultraviolet rays of the sun. You can spend time at the beach with friends or family without worrying about your skin health when you keep this in mind.

  • Check for the best size for maximum coverage: Beach umbrellas come in many different sizes, usually 6 to 9 feet in diameter. The correct size depends on the coverage required. A 6 to 7-foot umbrella is the best size for two people. For a larger group, an 8- to 9-foot umbrella is just the right size to provide shade for everyone. So, you can also consider the aspect of size when choosing a beach umbrella, depending on your needs. 
  • Insist on good Quality: The quality of your beach umbrella should be good enough to make it durable. When making the purchase, the key factors to consider include the strength and quality of the fabric. The best materials recommended for making the umbrella are polyester or acrylic fabrics. These materials ensure that your umbrella does not fade and give it more resistance against water. 
  • Equip a strong frame and pole: A good pole is also an essential part of the beach umbrella. When making the purchase, ensure that the pole is made from aluminum or fiber, as these are the best-quality poles on the market. Fiber glass is recommended because of its durability, while aluminum is rustproof, making both a great choice. Secure your frame with reinforced ribs and a secure gripping mechanism to hold the umbrella firmly.

Choosing an Umbrella with the Best Aesthetics

Even if the main reason for the umbrella is to provide shade, its style should not be dismissed. Umbrellas come in a variety of colors and designs, so it is good to choose one that reflects your personality and adds a fun touch to your outing.

Accessories such as built-in towel and bag hooks, cup holders, or built-in LED night lights can improve your beach experience.

Picking out the best beach umbrella is about balancing safety, durability, ease of use, and style. Depending on factors such as UV protection, size, material, strength, performance, wind protection, and beauty, you can find an umbrella that meets your needs and requirements.

So, get ready, go to the beach, and enjoy the best combination of sun and shade with a good umbrella!