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How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Space

The dining table in the room is a special place, as all family members gather there to eat, talk and spend time with guests. So, its requirements will be different in each case, and everything depends on the main purposes of its use. But still, when choosing the perfect one, it is important to pay attention to its decorative qualities, strength, durability, and ease of care. It is also important to consider the style of the room, the size, and the number of people living in the house, advises  The following tips should help you to choose the best one.

What size is needed?

The whole family should sit comfortably at the table, but at the same time, there should be free space in the room. So, for one person, there should be at least 60 cm wide and 40 cm deep, and in the middle, there should be space for common meals. So, the minimum width is 80-85 cm, and the length is selected depending on how many people will regularly gather at the table and how large your kitchen is. Note that it is quite difficult to communicate at a table with a width of more than 105 cm, but at one of 80 cm, there will be no place for serving.

Which form should I prefer?

Today, dining tables are presented mainly in square, rectangular, round, and oval shapes, although there are such variants of an original shape in some collections. Which form is more preferred in each case?

  • rectangular

A rectangular form is a real classic. It is very convenient, and it can easily be placed near the wall or placed into the center of the kitchen. Moreover, there are many folding, sliding models, which can turn from a compact dining table into a place for a real celebration.

  • square

Square tables are one of the most spacious. In addition, they save a lot of space and are suitable for small kitchens. Being in the corner, they will be an excellent option for a family of two people, and in the center, with a minimum side length of 90 cm, it is already an excellent option for a family of 4 people. For a large family with a spacious dining room, square tables for eight people are perfectly suitable.

  • round

A round form will make the interior more interesting and the space in the room safer for children due to the lack of corners on it. Moreover, a round table can accommodate more people than a rectangular one. However, these shapes have some disadvantages: they cannot be moved to the wall, and they are suitable only for small families since a table designed for eight people will be so large, and it will be inconvenient to communicate behind it.

Round dining table
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  • oval

Oval forms have all the advantages of round and rectangular ones: they are great for large families, comfortable, and have great appearance. The semicircular form is also popular today – a good option for kitchens with a small area.

For instance, on, you can find a wide range of dining tables of unique and classic shapes.

Which table is better to choose for a small kitchen?

Summing up all of the above, it can be noted that for a small kitchen, the best option is a semicircular one, where one side is a straight line that moves close to the wall.

What to choose for a large and medium kitchen?

For a large kitchen, you can choose almost any form because you are not restricted by anything. In a spacious kitchen, a roomy one will look especially great. It is better to put it in the center, but if the room is equipped with an “island,” it can be placed closer to the wall. For large kitchens, long rectangular and oval ones complemented by appropriate chairs are perfect. For medium-sized rooms, tables of any shape are suitable, and their location will depend on the location of other pieces of furniture.

Dining table style

Probably, it is not necessary to say that the dining table should fit into the interior of the dining space. Choose it and chairs at the end of the kitchen renovation when the features of the created interior are known. But it is better to create a future kitchen project in advance and choose the table that will fit in as much as possible. Wooden ones will perfectly complement classic-style dining rooms. Modern dining rooms are often equipped with bar counters today. They perform the function of dividing the space of the work area and the dining area and an additional surface, behind which you can also have lunch or a snack.

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