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Moving to a Studio Apartment? 10 Must Haves for Small Spaces

You’d probably choose to rent a studio apartment as a young adult out in the world on your own for the first time. Studio apartments get a bad rep, but they offer affordable housing and are a lot easier to maintain according to Brentwood Square Management team.

That being said, you have to be strategic about decorating and furnishing this 500 sq ft, or it will become a cluttered mess. Lucky for you, we have put together a complete list of must-haves that will make your studio apartment a functional living space. Check it out.

1. Foldable Wall Bed

Ideally, a home should have a separate bedroom, dining room, and living room. But in a studio apartment, everything is smooshed together. And if you get a full-fledged bed frame, then there will be no space for anything else. 

Instead of a traditional bed, go for a foldable Murphy bed. Space-saving wall beds are perfect for small apartments. You can unfold it at night and fold it back up for extra space during the day.

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2. Ottoman with Storage

Ottoman storage
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An ottoman is a multi-purpose piece of furniture you need in your home. It will come in handy as a footstool, extra seating, storage, coffee table, and so many other ways. Are you working with a tight budget? You can easily make a DIY ottoman out of a bucket or even an old tire.

3. Rolling Kitchen Counter

Do you find it difficult to cook in your tiny kitchen? Give yourself some extra counter space with a rolling kitchen counter. A movable kitchen island can be used for preparing meals, dining, and even as a work desk. You should look for one with built-in storage cabinets and drawers.

4. Hanging Racks

Hanging racks are a godsend for studio apartments. When you are running out of floor space, vertical and hanging racks are the creative storage solutions you need. Install hanging racks in the kitchen area to hang large pots and pans, and get a vertical rack for clothes and shoes. 

5. Wall-mounted Table

Every home needs a dining table and a work desk. Since you’re working with limited space, combine them both by installing a custom wall-mounted table. After eating your meals or finishing work, you can collapse the table, and it virtually takes no space! It’s quite easy to DIY as well.

6. Roll-Out Pantry

You probably won’t have the luxury of a pantry in a studio apartment. And if you enjoy cooking and baking, then this is a huge problem. But don’t worry. We’ve found the perfect solution for you- a roll-out pantry! It is sleek enough to be kept in the space between your refrigerator and wall and, at the same time, tall enough to easily store all your pantry goods. 

7. Tiny House Plants

Small house plants
Image by Kari Shea from Pixabay

Plants are a lovely way to infuse life into a stuffy space. If you lead a busy lifestyle or are simply forgetful, then keeping plants alive is perhaps not your forte. But you can buy tiny succulents, which are easy to maintain and barely need to be watered. 

8. Under-the-Sink Storage

When you’re living in a small apartment, it’s important to use every nook and cranny you can for storage. For example, the space under the sink is often underutilized. Buy some baskets or racks and place them under the sink for storing cleaning products.

9. Mirrors

Putting up mirrors is an age-old trick to make a small space appear larger. Try to find ornamental mirrors that will also double up as decor. 

10. Room Dividers

If you cannot function without distinct working and sleeping areas, then you should definitely get room dividers for your apartment. They are available in a variety of styles and materials. 

Featured Photo by Pixabay from Pexels