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How to Clean Window Air Conditioners in 4 Easy Steps

Air conditioners have almost become a necessity for every household in summer. It is essential to clean window air conditioners regularly to keep it working with good standards. The main work of your AC is to give you a cooling effect. When it stops providing you with cold air, it is time to clean it. The best time to clean it is during the cold season. Remove the filter and rinse it frequently to regulate its internal operations. You can store the unit indoors during the winter and cover it with a tarp or a sheet. 

When your air conditioner is ready to be functional again during the warm season, disassemble its components and provide it with a seasonal cleaning session. Some things that can be done to make it work efficiently are combing its aluminum strands, blowing coils with compressed air, and wiping down the inside tray. Do not forget to clean it with an oxygenated household cleaner to remove the accumulated dirt inside. These are general things that can be done.  Below are some other steps the Clockwork Management team advises you should follow to keep your air conditioner clean.  

Start with Basic Cleaning

You need to look for mildew. This is noticeable when you turn on the AC. It smells. Once you identify the mildew, you can fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide. If you see damp stains, try to clean them with some algae remover or cleaning solution. Turn off the unit, and spray the liquid over the intake and outflow areas towards the frontal part of the unit. Allow it to dry for some time, and then turn the unit on. If this doesn’t work, repeat the process for deeper cleaning. Avoid constantly turning the unit off and on.

Clean the Filter Once a Month

The frontal panel of your AC has to be removed. The filter has to be located and pulled out of its respective slot. Take the filter and rinse it well under warm water for better cleaning results. The filter needs to be washed to remove grime and dirt. Once the filter is dried, put it back in its place. Don’t assemble the unit with a wet filter ever. If your filter needs a replacement, get it done without much ado. Furthermore, dirty air filters and condenser coils reduce an AC’s ability to chill a space. The dirt and debris on the filter and coils trap heat and reduce air movement. The trapped heat causes the unit to overheat and operate poorly. If this happens, you might consider repairing your AC, so you can be at ease that your air conditioner is again fully functional.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning 

Try to get the casing out by slightly sliding it away and pulling it out from the interiors. Wear gloves and comb away all the debris from aluminum fins. Spray some condensed air over the coils and the fins from the back and front of the unit. Try to remove the debris from the tray with a vacuum hose, wash it and let it dry for a few hours. Store your AC indoors while winter or cover the exterior parts of the unit. 

Your unit can also be taken out completely, fragmented parts, and cleaned deeply with a cleaning solution. 


You need to clean your window air conditioners well to do their cooling job efficiently. Many things can be done to make your AC function properly. Some of the steps are mentioned in this article.  

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