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How to Make a Great Impression on Your First Date

How to Make a Great Impression on Your First Date

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The world of dating is both exciting and daunting, no matter what age you are. You may have finally asked a long-term crush out, or your friend could have set you up with a blind date. Whatever the case, it is fairly normal to have the pre-date jitters. 

Meeting someone for the first time will always be nerve-racking. It is important to come across well, as this will determine whether a second date is on the cards. There are several ways that you can make a great first impression on your date. Here are just a few.

Find Out Their Interests

Find out their interests
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Try not to spend hours talking with each other on the phone or via social media. This could land you in trouble as you might run out of things to speak about on your first date. However, you should enquire about their interests and hobbies to plan the date accordingly. If she tells you she isn’t an active or sporty person, it wouldn’t be reasonable to make your first date a hiking excursion. You want to find a middle ground, where you will both feel comfortable. It doesn’t always have to be a dinner date; you could choose to go to a museum or a concert. 

Dress for the Occasion  

You will want to make a great first impression in terms of your appearance, as sexual attraction and chemistry are essential foundations of a romantic relationship. Make sure you dress for the occasion; you wouldn’t want your date to look out of place next to you. If you are going somewhere fancy and decide to wear a suit, make sure you style it correctly. You may be on a blind date, and you could feel insecure about how tall she is. In this case, you could always opt for wearing a pair of sleek elevator boots. All in all, make sure you feel and look good, as this is what will give you that added confidence boost. 

Bring Them a Gift 

Bring a gift on your first date
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This may seem rather old-fashioned, and the younger generation have definitely lost touch with this romantic gesture. However, a sure way to make a great impression on a lady is by bringing them a small gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive in any way, shape, or form. Rather, it is a token of affection for them to remember the date with. If you are picking up your date from their house, why not grab a bouquet of flowers. Or, if you’re already out, you could jump into a photo booth and make some memories.  

Be Polite 

This probably goes without saying, but some good manners will get you a long way. Bear in mind that your date will be picking up on your mannerisms and behaviors. This includes things like eating with your mouth closed, opening doors for your date, saying please and thank you, and not being on your phone. Try to make eye contact and engage with the conversation. There is nothing worse than going on a date with someone who only talks about themselves, so make sure to ask your date questions. If you struggle with holding a conversation, why not think of some good topics beforehand? 

Communication is Key

Couple talking
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You can continue to make a great impression on your date even after it’s all over. If you aren’t dropping them off home, it’s always nice to ask your date if they got home safely. Don’t overbear them with texts but do send them a brief message the next day thanking them for the date. This is a great way to start the conversation and potentially plan the next meeting. However, it could also be your chance to let them know whether or not you would like to see them again. Honesty is very important when it comes to dating, and nobody likes to be led on. 

On the other hand, you should also prepare yourself for the possibility of rejection. Finding the perfect partner is no easy task, so try not to stress about this too much. The most important thing to remember during your date is to be yourself, relax, and have fun. 

Try to get to know them and truly listen to what they have to say. If you decide that they aren’t the person for you, then pick yourself back up and try another day again. As the infamous saying goes, ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea.’

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