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Inexpensive Ways to Add Outdoor Lighting

The following post on outdoor lighting is from Lisa of The Pennington Point:

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source: The Pennington Point

It can get expensive to buy lights that are made for outdoor use.  But with some creativity and resourcefulness, you can light up your evenings in style for very little money.

If you have a porch area where you can sit and relax, then soft lighting can enhance those lovely summer nights.  On my front porch, I used Christmas lights with white cords along the edge of the ceiling to give it that soft candlelight glow.

In front of my house, I have an outdoor eating area.  To light it up at night without stark task lighting, I strung inexpensive bulb lights along a rope that is attached at each end to eye screws.

source: The Pennington Point

A classic outdoor lighting idea is wrapping your trees in strings of lights.  It’s not just for Christmas!

source: Apron Revival

This solar light idea is genius!  I never knew you could make your own!

source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

And while we’re talking solar, how about one on a stake down in cement?  You could put these anywhere!

Inexpensive Ways to Add Outdoor Lighting

We could, of course, go even simpler.  And nothing says simply life like a mason jar.  Battery-operated candles or real tea lights both look great down in them.

Inexpensive Ways to Add Outdoor Lighting
source: Shop 24

Another simple idea is to take used food cans and make them into lamps.  So simple, so cute.

Inexpensive Ways to Add Outdoor Lighting
source: Grow Creative

Then again, if you don’t feel you have the time or creativity to make your own lighting, you can always hire a professional lighting company. Lights create a beautiful setting for a backyard evening get-together with friends. Turn your patio into an outdoor living space with weatherproof furniture. Be sure to also choose weather-proofed lighting to withstand any harsh weather you have in your area.

Do you have a place that could use some outdoor lighting?

Lisa winds through her little Texas farm house every night, tucking in her nine homeschooled children and turning off lights. Then she scans the rooms & makes a mental list of what she wants to rearrange, restore or paint. Her husband of 27 years hangs on for the ride while she blogs about it over at The Pennington Point.