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Love Sales? Here’s Why a Job in Sales Might Be Perfect for You

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We’ve all had a job in the past that we didn’t enjoy very much. It’s often because the job either doesn’t match our passions or it’s not right for our skills.

It’s difficult to stay motivated for work when you dislike what you do. You end up dreading Monday mornings and living for the weekends. You aimlessly hop from job to job, trying to find something that fulfills your desires.

If you’re currently in this position where you’re feeling fed up with your current job, and you’re desperate for a much-needed change, have you considered a job in sales?

Although sales is a niche job that requires you to be a certain type of person to succeed, that person might be you!

Sales jobs aren’t about convincing unwilling customers to make a purchase that they can’t afford. They aren’t about being pushy and using malicious marketing tactics to close a sale. They are about interacting with lots of customers and helping them to find the item of their dreams. And if you’re good at sales, you can be extremely successful in this role.

In fact, even if you’re not the best at sales, you can still find great success and enjoyment as a salesperson.

If this has piqued your interest in a potential sales career, here are some reasons why this job might be perfect for you. 

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You Have a Range of Interests

Often, it can be difficult figuring out what career you want to enter when you have multiple interests, especially when you’re particularly strong in many of these areas in your life. You might love fashion, health, marketing, technology, cars…and sales is one of the only fields that allow you to combine more than one of these subjects into a single career.

The term ‘sales’ covers a wide array of different careers. You can easily find a job that feeds your passions within the sales realm, no matter your interests. And you have massive scope to switch between different areas within your sales career.

From car sales to retail to real estate, the options are endless for being a salesperson. You can work at a car dealership selling the latest Tesla models or as a real estate agent showing an excited family some surprise AZ homes for sale.

You Enjoy Customer Service

If you love engaging with customers and helping them solve their worries or resolve their concerns, sales could be perfect for you.

As a salesperson, your main focus is finding the perfect items for consumers by offering expert guidance. It is largely centered around customer service. When you greet your customers with a smile and provide amazing service, they will leave feeling satisfied and content.

High customer satisfaction can drive your business forward by helping you to build a credible and trustworthy reputation and by encouraging consumers to return to you in the future.

The bottom line is that if you’re great at providing incredible customer service, you’re going to find it easy to succeed and progress in a sales career. 

You Want to Earn Great Money

If you’re willing to put in the work, you could make a lot of money as a salesperson.

The pay depends on the specific place you work at and the number of sales you make. Some employers offer a salary alongside a range of bonuses, and others focus more on commission-based payments. However, if you’re great at closing deals, you won’t be disappointed with your monthly paycheck as a salesperson.

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One of the best things about sales is that there’s often no limit to your potential earnings. The more you sell, the more money you make. So, it’s you’re great at what you do, you could earn an income that is well above the average wage.

It’s surprisingly easy to make multiple sales a day when you are genuinely interested in what you do, and that’s the beauty of being in a sales-focused career. You get to choose what you want to sell.

When you pursue an area of sales that you genuinely enjoy, you are likely to find it easy to close deals because your passion will shine through. You won’t feel like a stereotypical sleazy salesperson who is badgering customers to make a purchase. Instead, it will come naturally, and there is no convincing or persuading involved.

You Want a Secure Job

Sales is a key aspect of any business. It’s not going anywhere! An estimated 5% of the US population work in sales, and although this may not sound like a lot, that equates to 15 million US citizens!

People are always searching for jobs that provide security. They want to pursue a career that is here to stay, so they don’t need to live in fear of being made redundant.

Since sales are fundamental to the growth and success of a business, there will always be sales jobs available. Even with the development of new technologies and business tools, there is a high demand for sales professionals across every industry.

Businesses need real people to build authentic relationships and strong connections with their customers to close deals and boost sales. These qualities are currently unmatched by technology.

You Want a Flexible Job

One of the main things people look for when considering a new career is job flexibility. They want more control over when they work and where they work.

Many positions within sales provide flexible working hours. Although this depends on the specific company you work for, most salespeople enjoy working to a flexible schedule that enables them to balance their professional life with their personal life.

Often, you will create your appointments with customers based on your availability. For example, if you don’t enjoy early mornings, you can arrange for most of your appointments to take place after lunch. As long as you still meet your quotas, you are usually free to work whenever you like within reason.

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