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Make Your Mouth Healthy with These Hints

When you are getting ready for the day, brushing your teeth is always high on the list of priorities for your hygiene. You may not do it right when you wake up – many people don’t worry about their teeth until after they’ve eaten their breakfast – but you need to put your oral health on your list of priorities in the morning, no matter what. Some people believe that a brush and floss is enough for their teeth and gums to remain healthy, but it’s not the case. Of course, it’s a great start, but your mouth needs so much more care than that! A healthy mouth will ensure a healthy body, and if you neglect your teeth, you’re going to risk problems that go deeper than the long tooth in the front. Maintaining good oral health is essential, and regular dental check-ups are a crucial part of the process. If you’re someone running a dental clinic, consider visiting a trusted dental supply store like My DDS Supply for your dental bibs and accessories.

From regular infections to high blood pressure, heart conditions, and more, you can either cause or exacerbate existing conditions because you didn’t look after your gums properly. Looking after your mouth isn’t just about health, either. Your teeth – whether yours or veneers – can make you feel confident if they’re looking good and without plaque. You want to ensure that you improve your oral health and keep your smile at the same time, and that means looking into all the ways that you can improve the health of your teeth and gums and remain in good shape at the same time! So, let’s take a look at how you can make your mouth a healthy one.

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Into the Gaps

Floss may not be a regular feature on your grocery list, but it should be. No one wants to spend time flossing if they can avoid it, but it’s one of the most important things that you can do to remain dentally healthy. You want to get into those gaps that your toothbrush cannot reach, which means getting that dental floss and removing the bacteria and debris around the gum. Once a day before bed, get flossing. It may hurt the first time, and a little bleeding isn’t unusual, but with a few days of flossing, this will change, so don’t panic. You can use any kind of floss that makes sense to you, but it’s best to begin sooner than later so that you can get your gums back to that healthy pink instead of angry red.

Limit the Sugar

We all love chocolate and candy: your tastebuds practically sing when you try any! You can still have the snacks that you want to maintain your oral health at the same time. You can choose sugar-free snacks and hear your teeth thank you for it. You will be able to avoid too much oral decay when you choose sugar-free, too, and you can chow down on sugar-free gum, too. Too much sugar, and you’ll notice that your teeth are weaker as the enamel is eaten away. Sugar allows for too much bacteria to fester, too, so let’s avoid that!

Bye, Bye, Bubbles!

Soft drinks are known to be bad for your teeth so let’s make a swap. You can get rid of the sugar bubbles and choose sparkling water for a nice change of pace. You get all the fizzy bubbles you love without worrying about your teeth rotting as a result. Soda contributes to decay, and it can leave your teeth stained and sore. Unsweetened tea is another drink to try, but the best thing to drink is plain water. The lack of acid in these drinks is a better option than soda any day.

Use The Utensils

It’s a party trick to crack open a bottle of beer with your teeth but stop it. Not only does it make everyone cringe around you, there is nothing impressive about putting so much pressure on your teeth that it’s them that crack, not the bottle! Don’t rush to impress people if you can avoid it. Your teeth are for chewing, not ripping things open. Use utensils and give your teeth a break.

See The Dentist

Whether you need to be fitted for brand new veneers or you have to invest in new crowns, you cannot miss those dental appointments. Twice a year is more than enough for you to have the best handle on your teeth, and by going to the dentist regularly, you can catch any problems early and avoid any issues developing later. Get started on a healthy smile with the cosmetic dentist In Sacramento now.

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Give Up Smoking

Yep, we said it. Smoking stains your teeth, stains your gums, and leaves bacteria inside the crevasses in your mouth. Giving up smoking will instantly help your teeth as well as other issues your body may be dealing with!

Go Gently!

There is no need to buy the hardest toothbrush and hammer away at your teeth. Forceful brushing can cause more issues than it solves, and you can end up permanently damaging your gums and making your teeth loose. Be thorough, but don’t be rough with your teeth – you need them to last as long as possible.

Buy Mouthwash

If you want to get right in between all of the gaps in your teeth, use mouthwash. As it’s a liquid, it can swish around your mouth and get into all the places you cannot reach. Antiseptic mouthwash is always the best option – you want to do more than freshen your breath or whiten the teeth. The bacteria needs to be killed!

Slow Down The Wine

Stains on your teeth don’t look great, but it’s not just coffee and chocolate that can do it. Slow down on your wine and beer consumption and slow down on alcohol consumption in general. You will find that bacteria are better able to thrive when you are drinking alcohol, and you want to avoid this happening as much as possible. 

For a healthy mouth, early intervention is important. You want to see your dentist to improve your smile and your dental health while also helping you to eliminate bacteria. Don’t leave your teeth behind in your quest for better health. They are an integral piece of the puzzle!

Featured Photo by Connor Wilkins on Unsplash