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101 Days of Christmas: Paper Chain Garland

The following post is from Myra of My Blessed Life: 101 Days of Christmas: Paper Chain Garland

One of my earliest childhood memories of Christmas anticipation is making a paper chain with my mom. We always used red and green construction paper and we made the number of rings correspond with the number of days until Christmas. This is something that my siblings and I looked forward to each year.

With this special memory in mind, my preschooler and I created a simple paper chain garland. This is an easy craft to add a bit of Christmas spirit to your holiday decor!



  • 5 pieces of 12×12 scrapbook paper {or whatever paper you choose}
  • ruler
  • pen
  • scissors
  • stapler {or tape, but staples hold better}

Decide where you will cut paper strips. I divided my 12×12 paper in eight sections and then in half. Cut out the strips, but don’t worry too much about perfection. No one will notice if the strips aren’t exactly straight.


Sort the paper strips. My preschooler helped me with this.


Then begin creating your chain one “link” at a time while alternating the papers. This step isn’t difficult. It just takes time.


And you’re done! The garland turned out so cute, especially since it cost less than $2.00!

Did you make a paper chain to count down the days until Christmas when you were a child?

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