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Planning Kitchen Remodeling? Here Are 7 Top Tips for 2022

Kitchen remodeling is a big investment and a time-consuming endeavor as observed by J. Butler Management team. It requires meticulous planning at every step. The value brought to your home can help you recover a substantial portion of expenses upon resale. To make sure your hub of home life gets a 10 out of 10, follow these seven tips from experts:

Make a Detailed Plan

You may be surprised to learn that this stage should take longer than the actual construction. Thorough planning will help you save time and money in the long run. Professionals from can make style and layout suggestions, foresee issues, and determine realistic schedules to ensure timely completion within budget. 

The sooner you start designing the kitchen of your dreams, the better. This way, you will be less likely to change your mind during construction. As any changes entail additional costs, plan ruthlessly. First, examine your existing kitchen paying attention to the following:

  • The width of the doorway (what if your new fridge does not fit?)
  • Measurements of all walkways, counters, etc.
  • Traffic patterns (the minimum width of a work aisle is 42 in or 48 in if several cooks use the kitchen)

Secondly, focus on ergonomics. A kitchen that is accessible to everyone is a pleasure to work in. Consider installing pull-out shelves in base cabinets and adjustable counter heights. Replace your range with a more convenient wall oven.

Choose Functional Appliances

Do you really need that luxury brand fridge? Not every eye-catching appliance is suitable for your kitchen needs. These are tools for cooking and storing food.

Think about the design and functionality of the kitchen on the whole, and focus on long-term value. Buy appliances produced by reliable brands with quality marks and positive ratings.

Do Not Change the Footprint

Changing the location of electrical outlets or plumbing pipes is always expensive. These fundamental changes can also bring a lot of unexpected problems. Think twice before knocking down walls. Demolition and reconstruction should be the last resort. 

Unless you have money to burn, keep all appliances, walls, and water fixtures where they are, that way, there will also be less debris and dust during the construction. 

Include Suitable Lighting

With proper lighting, you will make your kitchen look warmer and more spacious. It is also essential for safe and efficient work. In the kitchen, lighting is divided into two categories:

Task lighting 

Work areas under kitchen cabinets are very dark. Include under-cabinet lighting into your plan. A remodeling project is a great opportunity to hardwire the necessary fixtures. To eliminate shadows, you will need at least two per task area.

Pendant lights are best for counters without overhead cabinets and kitchen islands. Use track lights or recessed lights for sinks and general areas without cabinets.

Ambient lighting

These sources create general lighting in the room. They include wall sconces, flush-mounted ceiling lights, and track lights. Install a dimmer switch to control mood and intensity.

Choose Quality Over Price

The most important things in kitchen remodeling are durability and functionality. Do not hunt for bargains. Choose products with an extended warranty and low maintenance. 

For example, you will spend a bit more on solid-surface countertops, but they will last for years. Long warranties will also come in handy if you decide to sell your home in the near future. 

Choose quality
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Maximize Storage

Tall cabinets — preferably those that reach the ceiling — are more expensive but more practical. You will have lots of additional space for rarely used items, such as seasonal platters. Besides, you won’t have to dust their tops! 

Make the most of empty wall areas by mounting shelving units. Install them inside cabinet doors, too. Add a ceiling-mounted rack for big skillets and pots. Stick hooks to the back of closet doors to hang mops, brooms, and aprons.

Establish a Good Rapport With Remodelers

Communication is key to staying within budget and achieving the best results. Establish mutual understanding early, as the quality of rapport with your team and project manager can make or break the project. Check up on them during work hours to emphasize your commitment to quality. Provide the team leaders with your mobile number and email address.

Allow the workers to concentrate on your project. Do not distract them with unnecessary conversations, jokes, or questions. Be kind and hospitable: provide refreshments and praise the team when it deserves it. If noise, smoking, or parking are a problem, set clear rules to keep everyone on the same page.

Final Word

Having no access to your kitchen during remodeling could be frustrating, so plan for a temporary cooking space in advance. Make sure you will still be able to cook meals while construction is underway. This will keep your stress level down, particularly in case of construction delays.

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