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Postpartum Care Tips for Moms to Restore Their Shape and Lose Pregnancy Weight

As rewarding and fulfilling as parenthood is, getting there can often be a rough journey, especially for moms. While giving birth naturally is quite an incredible physical feat in itself and can have a lot of good and bad effects on the mothers’ body, the process leading up to that special day has its own challenges. As the baby’s first home, the mother’s body has to work overtime and do a number of additional tasks to ensure the baby is developing well. The biggest change is usually the diet for the mother. Not only can she not taste food that well, but she also needs to eat more than usual to make sure both she and the baby are getting the nutrition they need.

Though during the phases of pregnancy, the physical effects of eating more than usual and the physical effects of carrying a baby are not that visible due to the unusual condition the body is in. The normal structure of the body is very different, and even though the scale shows how much her weight has increased, it’s hard to bring it into perspective until after the delivery. Only once the stomach goes back to being its original size, and the body settles back down to its normal condition are the effects of pregnancy visible.

If not taken care of properly, the effects of pregnancy can lead to a variety of other issues that stem from being overweight, such as blood pressure and even diabetes. If you’re already suffering from diabetes or a related issue, visit your doctor. Get your treatment meds like Januvia at low costs: 

Here are a few tips to help you shred the excess fat, lose weight, and get back in shape.

1. Diet

The toughest part of any fitness plan, especially for those who love to eat, is dieting. Dieting doesn’t mean you can’t eat your favorite foods, but it does mean you need to keep an eye on the number of calories you are putting into your system. You could take your dieting to the next level by incorporating fasting on a couple of days of the week. This helps you lower your calorie consumption, but more importantly, it has a ton of health benefits ranging from better sleep all the way to improved organ function. Ideally, you want to calculate your body mass index (BMI) and then set daily calorie limits. With a defined number of calories, you can work towards creating meal plans that provide you with enough energy throughout the day.

2. Training

The other side of the coin is training or any kind of physical activity that is going to help you burn extra calories and lose weight. If you enjoy team sports, training with weights, or anything like that, this is the time to renew the gym membership and get started. The team at Simply Mumma suggests that complimenting cardio training with some form of weight training not only speeds up the fat loss process but also helps your body get back in good condition. Due to the relatively sedentary lifestyle that most mothers have prior to childbirth, their overall muscle conditioning deteriorates. Training with weights not only brings back vascularity and better muscle condition but also promotes the development of softer tissues such as tendons and ligaments in the body. Moreover, it’s a lot more fun than doing miles upon miles on the treadmill.

3. Stretching

Both during and after pregnancy, the joints and bones in the mother’s body are significantly impacted. Without proper care, these issues that may not seem like a big problem at first could grow into more serious medical conditions later. It can be extremely beneficial to incorporate some basic stretching and yoga techniques in your daily workout. This can be a great routine before or after your workout, or you could do it independently at a different time. Stretching and yoga are also very beneficial for the mind and give you a chance to calm down and really focus on your body.

4. Mobility Exercises

Together with stretching, weight training, and a good cardio routine, you should also consider incorporating specific mobility exercises to regain a full range of motion throughout the body. Not only will this help your joints, but it’s also a great way to rejuvenate the nervous system and improve blood flow through the body.

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Just as pregnancy is quite a long process, the road to recovery from this event is also a long one. It’s common for mothers to feel overwhelmed with the condition of their body after pregnancy, but with consistent effort, it’s something that can easily be resolved. It might be difficult to manage when you have your hands full with a newborn child, but you need to keep yourself healthy and fit to be in the best possible condition to take care of your child.

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