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Printable gift bows {101 Days of Christmas}

Printable Christmas Bows

Although I love the convenience of buying a bag of bows at the dollar store for the top of our gifts, these printable gift bows are really so much fun.

They’re simple but elegant and add an extra touch to your wrapping. I’m not sure I’d bother adding them to my kids’ gifts just to watch them tear them off and toss them aside, but they’d make a lovely addition to a special gift for a teacher or friend!

{PS. You could use this template to make bows out of virtually anything: wrapping paper, burlap, scrapbook paper, felt, etc.}

Printable Christmas Bows

You could easily make a bunch of these while watching TV or waiting in the carpool line. Just cut, fold, glue and you’re done!

Printable Christmas Bows

Print the gift bow templates of your choice and cut the bows out, cutting inside the solid lines.

Using the diagram above, fold the tabs at the ends of part AB into the middle of that piece to form the two loops of the bow. Be careful not to crease the bow. Secure with glue or a small strip of tape.

Lay the bow on top of part C and wrap the strip {D} around the middle to hold them together. Secure with glue or a small strip of tape.

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