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3 Last-Minute Wrapping Tips from Dollar General

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wrapping Tips from Dollar General

How much do you think the wrapping supplies in the photo above cost? $15? $20?

My husband actually ran to Dollar General and picked all of this up for under $10! When he got back, he said, “Why haven’t we been buying wrapping paper there every year?”

For less than $10, we got:

  • 24 self-adhesive labels
  • 40 luxury bows
  • (3) 35-square-feet rolls of wrapping paper
  • (1) 18-square-feet roll of foil wrap

Sean had originally picked up a roll of scotch tape as well, but it put him slightly over the $10 budget I’d given him, so he put it back because we had plenty of tapes already.

$10 to wrap all your gifts? Not bad at all!

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And now for a few wrapping tips to help you get all those presents wrapped before Christmas:

1. Just get started.

If you suffer from wrapping overwhelm, it can be tempting to keep putting it off until you have time to wrap all of the gifts. Don’t listen to your inner perfectionist. Instead, start wrapping a few gifts at a time, so you’re not stuck wrapping all night on Christmas Eve!

2. Consider a color key.

To make gifts easier to sort, consider using a color key. I know families who wrap each child’s gift in a different type of paper and leave off the gift tags altogether. Still, you could also use this method to differentiate which gifts go to which family gatherings should be opened on Christmas Eve, etc.

3. Don’t be afraid to use gift bags.

For odd-shaped gifts, gift bags are your friend. Add a little tissue paper, and you’re done. Much easier than trying to wrap them!

What’s your best wrapping tip?