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Struggling to Sell Your Old Car? Here’s What to Do

Selling a car is no easy task with so many factors being taken into consideration. You’ve seen a new vehicle that you’d like to have, and you can’t wait to sell off this old one. The question would be: do you know where to start from? What steps would you take to not just sell your car but make the most money off it?

Just so you know, a little bit about what you’re going to be doing is gathering your car’s paperwork together, which you may have likely lost already. Then you get to interact with a number of people who are actively trying to get you to sell the car for less money. 

While thinking about the new ride can be soothing, selling the old one is not a fun adventure, especially when you have to sell it quickly and for the most money. If you’re struggling to sell your vehicle, here are things you can do.

Know Your Car’s Worth

One of the first steps in selling your used car is finding out how much it’s worth. Wouldn’t it be weird if you have prospects but have no idea what price to tell them? Determining your ride’s value is straightforward, as there are several resources available online that you can use. 

With some of these resources, you only have to input your car’s make, the year, model, mileage driven, the condition it’s in, and the likes. That way, you do have a narrowed-down valuation that covers the value of your car being sold via a private sale as opposed to trading in your car.

Get It In Good Shape

The amount of effort you should spend in preparing your car for sale depends on what type of car you’re selling. But in general, your vehicle should be in good shape before you sell it. If you’re selling a classic car, you want to spend enough time ensuring it can attract the right buyer. It’s more or less a balancing act – there is no need to spend so much time and money when there’d be no much return on your investment

People with a 13-year-old junk car would practically be wasting money, as no amount of washing will help you get more money from it. But on the other hand, managing the sale of your classic car is important. You’re free to spend time and money on reconditioning, as it can increase the value during negotiations.  

Part of getting your ride in good shape involves getting the necessary documentations like an up-to-date vehicle inspection or smog compliance certificate. Those documentations vary from state to state, as others would require that you just provide the buyer with a warranty saying it will pass the inspection or test. If there is no warranty, you may be required to take back the car or pay for repairs. 

Take Good Pictures

If you’re to sell your car online, taking good photos is very important. It’s not difficult at all, considering how popular phone cameras have become. With a proper background, good phone camera, and very little effort, it’d cost you nothing to snap a few auto-focused shots

Ensure your pictures are not blurry, grainy, or smudgy – no one likes to see those. Ensure that pictures are taken from all sides, including the interior. As much as you want potential buyers to see the beauty of the car, do capture pictures of any known imperfections, as it establishes trust and helps foster better negotiation. 

Selling Your Car

Now, it’s time to sell your car, and there are different ways to do that. We would highlight three ways. 


You just walk into any dealership of your choice, at least where they’ve got your dream car. Point to it and offer your current car as a trade-in. The price gotten from the trade-in is based on your ability to negotiate, the car’s mileage, and the state of your old car, amongst other things. This is a common way many people sell off their used cars for a new one. 

Sell It Yourself

Another popular way is by selling it yourself, which is also known as a private sale. Here, it is up to you to create an ad (locally or online) where you have people coming in to check it out and take it for a test drive before making an offer. You actually stand to gain the most money this way. 

Sell To Dealership

If you’re in dire need of cash, then selling to a third-party website or a dealership might be a good option. The third-party website is especially good for people who want to sell older vehicles or don’t want to have to deal with salespersons. 

Sell to a dealership
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With the information listed here, you wouldn’t have to struggle to sell your Bentley anymore. Don’t forget that it’s important for you to secure your paperwork and know what your car is worth so you can set an asking price.

Featured Photo by The Nigmatic on Unsplash