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Tips for Relocating: How to Know if a City is Right for You

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Relocating to a new city is no joke – with all the opportunities and things to think about, it can be very exciting and stressful simultaneously. But how do you know if a city is the right place for you? If you’re relocating for your career, you might be inclined to drop everything and jump to make a move to a new city. However, even with great job opportunities, there are more things to consider when living in a whole new city.


We all know that a place gives off a certain vibe. Some cities are busy and full of life. Some feel peaceful, simple, and quiet. Some feel artistic and expressive in every aspect. The atmosphere of a city can play a huge role in how you’ll feel living there day-to-day, so think hard about what you want out of your lifestyle. If you’re the type of person that enjoys a slower and more peaceful kind of life, then try to avoid big, loud bustling cities. Likewise, if you’re a more vibrant and busy person, find a city that suits your upbeat lifestyle. 

Housing Market

Taking into account the housing market of any city is an important step before deciding on a move. The cost of rent or a mortgage might differ vastly from your expectations based on your current city, and there could be a chance you’ll need to downscale when you move. However, it’s usually best to avoid this if possible. If you have options available to you, try and look for a city where you won’t need to scale up your rent from what you would normally budget in that area. 

A good idea is to talk to estate agents before finalizing your decision to move. See if you can make a trip to your potential new city and discuss your budget and options with your agent.  You might not have the same options available to you when you do eventually make the move, but it will be a great way to get an idea of what’s around and the price tags attached to the kinds of places you like. 

Can You Afford it?

Budget planning
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The sad reality is that some cities are just really expensive to live in, especially when they’re bustling with the commerce that might warrant a career-based relocation. On top of that, the movie itself can put a massive strain on your wallet! Making sure that your salary will align with your new city is an important part of deciding whether or not a move is a right move for you. Some important things to look at that might be more (or less) expensive in another country or city are housing costs (as previously discussed), transport costs, cost of education and daycare centers, gym memberships, and even simple expenses like groceries and toiletries. All of these can fluctuate from city to city, so try your best to plan and prepare for any potential budget changes.

Personal Life

Finally, a crucial thing to consider is your happiness and quality of life. This includes socializing and family – if you are a family-oriented person, do you have family members nearby in your new city? Do you have friends in the area, or are you willing to make new acquaintances and rebuild your circle? Related to this are seemingly superficial elements, but they’re just as important in the grand scheme of things: are there good facilities available that suit your needs? How do you feel about the weather? Would you feel safe going for an early morning walk in a nearby park? Does the area have a yoga studio that you like or a supermarket you’ll be comfortable traveling to daily? All these might seem like small elements, but they add up in the equation of your happiness, so don’t neglect to ask these kinds of questions before making a final decision.


Whether you’re planning on relocating to a new city for work, with your family, or just for a much-needed change in your day-to-day routine, it can truly be a life-altering decision. Choosing to go somewhere new can provide you with new opportunities for so many things, but don’t forget to be sensible and cautious before making a final decision. Discussing each of these elements with your family or partner and doing as much research as possible is an important first step of relocating to a new city. Don’t neglect to address any potential issues that might arise in the journey. 

Featured Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels