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Photo by Dayvison de Oliveira Silva from Pexels

Top Kitchen Gadgets and Appliance Upgrades for 2021

Kitchens are a vital part of every home. Ovens, refrigerators, sinks, and cupboards come standard. However, in addition to your ability and willingness to cook, making the most of your kitchen ultimately depends on the gadgets, utensils, and additional appliances you own.

Coupled with the fact we’re spending more time in our kitchens than ever due to the pandemic, it’s crucial to have the right tools available. The following are five kitchen upgrades we recommended for 2021:

French Press or Chemex

French press gadget
Image by Homer Habacon from Pixabay

Tired of drinking substandard coffee at home but unwilling to venture out to your local cafe to get the good stuff? If so, consider upgrading to a better coffee brand, followed by upgrading to a better brewing method. We recommend using a French press coffee system instead of a traditional drip coffeemaker. Another alternative is using a Chemex Coffeemaker. Regardless of which you choose, the result is a more flavorful cup of coffee in the morning and a better start to your day.

Air Fryer

Love fried foods but hate how unhealthy they are? If so, upgrade to an air fryer. An air fryer acts like a supercharged commercial convection oven, rapidly cooking foods to crispy, crunchy perfection without dunking them into a vat of hot oil. Many newer ranges include an air fryer setting, so those in the market for a new oven might consider one of these models to get a two-in-one deal.

Virtual Assistant

While virtual assistant technology functions in various settings, one of the more useful option is to use it in the kitchen. Aspiring cooks and would-be chefs can ask for recipes, set timers, and get quick answers to measurement without stopping to do the math in your head. Users can also count on virtual assistant technology to provide real-time instructions for various recipes. And as mentioned at the beginning, the same virtual assistant you have in your living room can be used in the kitchen. Just take it with you.

Better Blender

Get a strong blender
Image by Yao Charlen from Pixabay

Blenders are one of the most popular kitchen appliances available. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of buying substandard blenders that fail to process anything more formidable than a banana. Do your research to find a blender that gets the job done while still priced within your budget. Chances are you’ll be amazed by the results and wonder how you ever managed to use the old one.

New Knives

Those interested in preparing delicious meals at home won’t get far without a knife set. Kitchen knives need to be sharp, solid and made of stainless steel. Don’t settle for anything less. If your current knife set is dull, flimsy, and rusty, it’s time for an upgrade. Avoid bargain brands as much as possible; quality kitchen knives are worth the extra money, and the right set can last a lifetime.

A kitchen is only as good as the gadgets, appliances, and utensils kept therein. Whether it’s a better way to brew coffee, a healthier way to enjoy your favorite foods, or a more effective method of preparing meals every day, these upgrades are a great way to make the most of your kitchen.

Featured Photo by Dayvison de Oliveira Silva from Pexels