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Trips That Miss the Target: 7 Ways to Ruin a Guided Hunting Trip

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Many people would agree that an excellent hunting trip can rank alongside some of life’s most incredible experiences. The excitement of a successful hunt, the thrill of the pursuit, and the joy that comes from eating delicious wild game meat is something that many hunters cherish as much as harvesting an animal. 

However, if you don’t take any time to prepare before a guided hunting trip, you could end up in all kinds of trouble. Here are a few trip-ruining blunders to avoid before you set out on the trail. 

Bring the wrong hunting gear

Make sure that you bring the appropriate hunting equipment on your guided hunt. For example, if you plan to go after turkeys, you’ll want to ensure that your shotgun contains turkey loads and not deer slugs. 

Bringing the wrong hunting gear defeats the purpose of the trip. When you prepare with a trusted hunting clothing retailer like HECS Hunting, you can be sure you’re receiving high-quality gear made with real hunters in mind. Ensure that you have on the proper clothing to keep yourself comfortable, like thick socks and rain gear, as well as any other supplies your guide recommends. 

Improper research

You should look before you leap into a guided hunting venture. Some people might book a guided hunt and not research the area or game they will be hunting—or even the outfitter. Don’t let this blind approach happen to you. Your chances of bagging a big game animal increase significantly when you’re well prepared. 

Not being physically fit

Not being physically fit for a guided hunt is almost as bad as not dressing appropriately. It can ruin your trip and could even be dangerous to you and those around you. To avoid this problem, it is essential to have an active lifestyle and be aware of your limitations.

Having a bad attitude

When you start thinking things like, “I’m going to shoot a huge buck,” or, “This outfitter is going to give me a trophy animal,” then it becomes very likely that your expectations for this guided hunt will fall short of reality. Instead of having a positive attitude and being excited about your upcoming trip, you’re more likely to take the journey for granted when you fail to bag the game you craved.

Not trusting your guide

Your outfitter is the expert here. If your guide tells you to wait for an animal to step into a specific position before shooting, then be patient and let it happen. If your guide makes a call on an animal’s behavior, don’t second guess them, or you could end up sustaining an injury or harming others in the group.

Disrespecting your guide

If your guide asks you not to do something, don’t do it. Don’t try to outsmart or one-up the professional. Otherwise, everyone in the group will feel uncomfortable. Guides are the professionals here and usually have more experience outdoors than you.

Not being able to shoot accurately

To be successful on a guided hunt, the ability to shoot accurately with your rifle or bow is essential, especially when hunting big game. Make sure that your marksmanship skills are up to par before you head out on a guided hunt.

Wrapping up

Don’t waste your time or money by making any deadly mistakes during your next guided hunting trip. By simply being prepared, well-informed, and respectful to everyone involved, you will significantly increase the chances of having an enjoyable experience when hunting with a guide service.

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