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Ways To Prevent Your Dog From Escaping The Yard

A dog is man’s best friend and is one of the most low-maintenance pets anybody could have. Considering its joyful nature and playful lifestyle, it is difficult to believe that any pet owner would have any issues with their best friend.

However, there can be certain instances that can irritate even a creature as joyful as this one. These situations force the pet to act out and try to escape the environment. To help calm your dog in a situation such as this one, you should take a look at this detailed guide that focuses on ways to restrict your dog from escaping your yard.

Why Do Dogs Try To Escape?

Your dog’s attempt to escape the backyard while playing has nothing to do with its unmatched love for you. Owners usually think that their pets have lost interest in them, and therefore, they are acting out with escape attempts. However, these attempts are purely influenced by any of the following reasons.


Observe any unusual noises around your house. In some cases, the dogs are terrified due to unusual noises, and as a reflex action, they tend to run away from the situation.


Staying in the same environment can frustrate anybody, let alone an animal that has nothing else to do. This is one of the most common reasons for dogs trying to run away from the backyards. You can try taking your dog for a walk to introduce a breath of fresh air.

Separation Anxiety from You

Do you stay away from your home for long hours and return late at night? This supposed separation could be a trigger for your dog to act out and try to counter this feeling of loneliness by trying to run away.

Prevent Your Dog From Escaping the Yard

Preventing your dog from escaping the yard might seem a difficult job at first. However, following these steps can help your best friend be engaged with you and avoid trying to run away.

Install a Fence

The normal boundaries of your house might be too little for your dog to jump over. Many pets often think of small boundaries as challenges and tend to hop over them as a joyful activity. This can be prevented by the installation of a fence over your boundary. Click here to learn more about different fences you can install in your home.

Make Sure Your Dog Stays Engaged

Increasing your engagement time with your pet can effectively improve this situation of running away. Since the majority of these attempts are caused due to loneliness and separation anxiety, your dog would enjoy the increased time with its owner and appear more cheery than usual.

Prevent Your Dog from Digging

Many dogs tend to dig holes underneath freshly installed fences to weaken the roots and move them out of their way. To avoid this activity, you can create a layer of cemented flooring and install your fences’ roots in between the flooring and use concrete posts to create a durable fence. This will prevent your dog from attempting to dig a hole, and this habit will eventually go away.

Maintaining your backyard’s boundaries can be a tiring activity for most of us. However, to ensure that your dog doesn’t try to make a run for it, the installation of a dog fence kit might sound like a good idea. The installation of a fence over your regular boundaries will make sure your pet is unable to escape from the premises unless it is military trained and it likes to be challenged.

How To Keep Your Dog Happy?

Dogs are simple creatures. They worship their masters and can be satisfied with few presents. In your pursuit of keeping your pet happy, you are likely to maintain your happiness too. According to most dog parents, their pet’s happiness is directly proportional to their happiness. So let’s go over a few tips that can keep both you and your pet happy.

Increase Cuddle Time on the Couch

Having a routine is common for most dogs. This is why having a routine such as watching TV while cuddling your pet on the couch might be a relaxing activity for your dog to look forward to.

Indulge Your Pet in Games Like hide & Seek

It’s a no-brainer that pets love to play. Since you’re most likely to stay indoors most of the time, considering a busy schedule, you would want to involve your dogs in indoor games such as hide and seek or a game of fetch.

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Considering the playful nature of a dog, it is difficult to believe that a dog would get irritated. However, staying in a consistent environment of a backyard and not being able to explore the outer world can bring out irritable reactions from your beloved pet. To ensure this irritation doesn’t increase, you can increase the level of care for your best friend and provide them the attention that they crave.

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