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Ways to Upgrade Your Garage’s Exterior

Do you want to make your garage more beautiful and protect it from environmental influences? Upgrading your garage’s exterior will be an excellent option to solve these questions.

The issue of facade finishing should be approached seriously, as the lifetime of the building depends on it. Materials should be selected moisture-proof, resistant to atmospheric phenomena, and necessarily incombustible. Mechanical and chemical resistance is another requirement for the coating. You can get an expert opinion from christian garage doors on what you would need. 


First of all, it is worth considering the most available finishing materials, among which plaster is the best. Therefore, let’s take a look at the technology. Before finishing, the exterior wall of the garage needs to be prepared for processing. The following sequence of works is provided:

  • cleaning from dirt;
  • removal of dust and small dirt with water;
  • applying a primer.

After complete drying, you can start applying plaster. Pay attention that mortar should be mixed thoroughly, or you can also use ready-made mixtures. According to the technology, two layers of ordinary plaster should be applied.

Pay attention! The service life of the finishing layer will depend on the quality of the selected plaster and in accordance with the technology of the process.


No less popular variant for finishing the exterior walls of garages is putty. The application process, unlike plaster, is several times easier, so everyone can deal with it. When mixing the mortar, it is important to follow the proportions indicated on the package, but do not forget to control the consistency yourself. The ideal putty holds its shape well on the spatula and stretches along the wall without difficulty. Modern manufacturers use an adhesive base to create a mortal. That is why it is necessary to apply it very carefully on the walls to oversee the evenness and smoothness since its correction will not be possible.

Professionals use exceptionally wide spatulas, which allows them to cover a large surface. So, it is also worth using this technique. As a result, the process will be forced several times, which means that the finishing work will be carried out quickly. To achieve the effect of smooth walls faster, it is worth using reinforced polymer mesh at the first stage. Before applying the finishing layer, the entire surface must be thoroughly primed.

Pay attention! When choosing a putty, consider the options designed exclusively for outdoor work.


Among the cheapest and most affordable options for exterior decoration, it is worth highlighting the paint. Nowadays, manufacturers produce a large range of high-quality paints.

Before applying a layer of water-based or acrylic paint, the surface should carefully be prepared, that is, putty and leveled. To get a high-quality result, it is worth applying several layers of paint. Each of them must dry completely before the next one is applied to it.

Pay attention! First of all, you should prime the putty for the paint layer to bond to it. Due to this, the paint consumption will be minimized, as well as the adhesion will increase.


Siding is very popular nowadays, and you can choose metal or cement, wooden or vinyl. Everything will depend on your personal preferences. Vinyl siding has become widespread because of its optimal combination of reasonable cost and good technical characteristics. Let’s note its advantages:

  • Vinyl siding is easy to install.
  • It perfectly protects the garage walls from moisture.
  • The material attracts a high level of fire safety.
  • Experts note the increased resistance of vinyl siding to sudden temperature changes.
  • The material is durable, reliable, and safe.
  • The panels weigh little, which greatly simplifies the process of transportation and installation.

If you choose wooden siding, don’t forget that it certainly requires additional treatment with flame retardants. So, metal siding is especially popular. It is very durable, it is not afraid of mold and, mildew, and temperature jumps, but you will have to protect the material from corrosion. It is necessary to use special screws with rubberized heads during installation.

Wall decoration with stone and brick

This option of finishing garage walls is one of the most expensive, and this type of finishing should be performed only when the exterior of the house or yard requires it. It should be noted that such a finish will look solid. The advantages include a long service life and resistance to various kinds of influences. For such a finish, you will need a powerful foundation that will bear the additional load. The installation of the finish also requires a certain skill because you need to lay out everything exactly for it to look beautiful.

When starting to deal with the exterior upgrade of the garage, it is so important to choose the right finishing materials that will allow you to realize your goals and ideas. However, it is necessary to take into account the material of the garage and its design.

Featured Photo by Pixabay from Pexels