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What Is Expected of Streaming in the Future?

Streaming services have become a part of pop culture. We talk about the latest shows and movies available on various platforms every day. We recommend different titles to friends and family members because chances are they have at least one subscription active at the time. 

The rise of streaming platforms was incredible to watch, and regardless of new developments and features that were predicted to have a negative impact on them, it seems like the number of subscribers just keeps growing. The audience enjoys new and quality content that is released weekly, and it is clear that streaming services are here to stay. So what can we expect in the future? 

Features and trends we can expect in the future 

Streaming services are constantly experimenting and diversifying their offerings, driven by technological advancements and emerging trends. As most of their subscribers have fast internet connections, these platforms are working to deliver the best high-definition video quality and more. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come: 

Live broadcasting 

Twitch and YouTube are already on board with live broadcasting, and chances are streaming services might give this trend a go. Netflix tried to livestream the reunion episode of Love Is Blind last year, but that didn’t go too well, leaving thousands of fans disappointed. The producers blamed poor organization and technical difficulties, but it was still a bold move. Hopefully, we’ll see more real-time streaming footage in the future. 

Niche streaming platforms 

Streaming services like Netflix, Max, Apple TV, and Hulu are undoubtedly dominating when it comes to the number of subscribers. That means that new platforms could be ignored unless they change their approach. Focusing on a specific genre, such as sports, reality TV, or true crime, could be the answer. We should expect more niche streaming platforms in the future because these will attract the right audience. 

Better security measures 

With new technologies come new threats. Although streaming platforms try to follow the latest cybersecurity trends and implement the right solutions in time, security problems still emerge occasionally. That’s why educating individual users about cybersecurity is becoming a new trend. 

For instance, using a VPN while streaming content will boost user privacy by concealing their actual IP address and preventing ISP tracking. Netflix, Max, or Apple TV VPN can hide your streaming history from your ISP, which is a huge step forward to higher levels of online privacy. 

More original content 

Original content is vital for attracting and maintaining the number of subscribers across the platforms. Therefore, streaming services are investing more and more funds into well-produced movies and TV shows starring some of the biggest Hollywood stars. Shows like The Last of Us and Stranger Things have increased the interest in Max and Netflix. 

Big stars and their fantastic performances can influence positive reviews and critical acclaim. Considering the constant need for quality content, it is safe to assume that streaming services will continue to invest money in high-budget shows and movies. We can expect outstanding streaming titles in the future that will very likely be nominated at the Oscars. 

Larger content libraries 

It’s no secret that streaming platforms offer different content depending on the location. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown introduced a higher demand for quality TV shows and movies, which motivated streaming platforms to expand their libraries and offer more titles to subscribers. However, geo-restrictions are still present, and subscribers are actively trying to get them removed. 

Until that happens, there is a particular method of accessing the geographical restrictions posed by streaming platforms, and that’s by using a VPN. Connecting to a different server can unlock numerous new titles. For example, users from Europe could connect to a server in the US, and Apple TV VPN would reveal more TV shows and movies in the library. 

Upcoming mergers 

Netflix, Max, Apple TV, and Disney+ are considered to be the leading names among the streaming services. Unfortunately, their popularity makes it almost impossible for smaller streaming platforms to find their footing and attract an audience. But a solution might be on the horizon. In February 2024, it was reported that Paramount and Comcast have been discussing a new strategy that involves merging their two streaming services. 

Paramount+ and Peacock are popular among subscribers, but the numbers aren’t growing when compared to giants like Netflix. That wouldn’t be the first merger in history because something similar happened in 2023. HBO Max and Discovery+ have joined forces and content libraries under the new name – Max. This is great news for subscribers, but some might not be very enthusiastic about the possibility of fresh content because mergers often result in an increase in subscription fees. 

All in all, not every new streaming feature will benefit subscribers, but we can definitely look forward to a more diverse and exciting entertainment world ahead.