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Why You Should Consider A Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Ring

As Millennials start getting married and settling down, they’re trending away from choosing products that don’t represent sustainability and ethical practices. Now that they are reaching their 30s, it’s not likely that this will change. The traditional diamond engagement ring purchase is getting much more thought than it has in the past. With companies producing diamonds in conflict areas, younger and more conscientious shoppers are looking for alternatives. A synthetic lab-created diamond and gemstones have been around since the 1980s. With better technology able to produce excellent quality diamonds, popularity and availability have increased in the past decade. More than ever before, consumers are looking to lab-created diamonds as an alternative to traditionally mined stones.

Gemstone dealers like Love & Promise Jewelers have been dealing in these exceptional stones for years. They’re trying to serve a growing market of buyers who want to celebrate their love and commitment while still making sustainable and responsible choices. 

Let’s take a look at some of the brilliant reasons you should consider a lab-created diamond engagement ring.

It’s The Responsible Choice

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The process involved in physically mining naturally-occurring diamonds from the earth has a huge environmental impact. Wealthy companies buy viable tracks of land in areas around the world and wreak havoc on the landscapes for profit. 

In many countries, there are political associations that allow these companies to use slave labor. If you choose to invest in a lab-created diamond or gemstone, you can be sure that you do not contribute to any environmental or politically unethical companies.


The overhead costs for extracting a raw diamond from the earth are expensive. Add to that the refining, processing, and shipping costs, and you are paying for way more than just the stone. 

Lab synthesized diamonds are created using the same natural procedure that the earth does to condense carbon molecules, but the process is substantially sped up due to technology. This means that producing one of these diamonds is relatively small, translating into significant savings for consumers.


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When you can afford a larger stone because of the discounted rates of lab-created stones, you end up with more design freedom. Most synthetic diamonds are available on their own and then set in a design of your choosing. 

With an extended wedding budget, couples can get the diamond they want at a price that they can afford. This leaves them more room to play around with a custom design that will create a one-of-a-kind ring.


Even the most experienced jewelers cannot tell the difference between a mined and a lab-created diamond. The naked eye can’t determine the ultimate origin of any gemstone. Created diamonds are available in many sizes and shapes and comparable in quality measures, including the 4 Cs of classification.

As more people start thinking about sustainability and ethical practices in their overall lifestyle, it’s no surprise that lab-created diamonds have become popular. Visit your jeweler today to see a selection of these real synthetic diamonds that you can purchase without contributing to industry conflict and unsustainable environmental practices. You will be stunned at the amazing quality and sparkle of these precious stones.

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